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Dr Gupta is an expert in performing surgical procedures that enhance the cosmetic appearance of the individual. Cosmetic Surgeons are a special category of plastic surgeons. They can also be called as ‘aesthetic surgeons’. The development in the field of cosmetic surgeries has lead to such a specialization. Nowadays, there are many procedures like face lift, eyelid surgery, nose surgery etc that literally transforms the appearance of the individual. Cosmetic Surgeons take expertise in performing these procedures successfully.

breast surgery


Breast augmentation surgery is for those who wish to achieve fuller breasts or to restore lost volume.


The standard amount of fat that can be removed should be about 3 to 5% of the total body weight.


The face, compared to any other body feature, is the reflection of personality.


Hair transplant is one of the more common Cosmetic Surgery procedure in men and increases in women as well.


Women can benefit with an hourglass figure and fabulous buttock contouring.

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