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VASER Assisted Autologous Fat Transfer – does it work?


VASER Assisted Autologous Fat Transfer – does it work?

Autologous #fat transfer is fast becoming one of the most demanded procedures for augmentation of #breast#buttocks, getting #pectoral and #deltoidaugmentation, as face filler, and for skin rejuvenation. Conventionally fat is harvested with syringe #liposuction instruments, prepared (either by concentration or centrifugation) and then injected in the desired areas. With the advent of #VASER, the controversy of whether the fat harvested by #VASERis good as a filling material arose.
Fat is a filler and is also a source of stem cells. The former property is used to fill / augment buttocks, breast, and face. The latter is utilized in facial #rejuvenation, filling of #dorsum of hands, and treatment of #scars. Purists advice that fat be treated gently, by a virtual no touch technique. Plastic surgeons have for long gone on and on about treating fat like a baby, and therein comes the dilemma. #VASER is by its nature a pretty rough treatment for fat. The basic concept of VASER physiology is the destruction of the fat cell by implosion and explosion leading to emulsification. Certainly fat cells don’t survive the process of VASER. They get broken down and emulsified.
The Dilemma
If fat has to be handled with extreme care, and with an attempt to keep each cells alive, then theoretically fat harvested with VASER should not survive, and therefore not be a good material for use as a #filler
Fat harvested with #VASER is an excellent #filler material. We have been injecting fat into the buttocks, breast and face to enhance the deltoids, to enhance the pectorals. Post procedure pictures clearly show the benefit of fat as a filler material in replacing implants for augmentation. So how does it work?
Maybe we don’t need the #fat cells per se for survival; the stromal network and stem cells that accompany the fat cells are the key. If this was not the reason, fat would not work, but work it does.
Fat harvested with VASER is an excellent filler material. We have achieved good #augmentation in the #buttocks, and #breast, allowing us to avoid implants in some patients. It works very well for tear trough filling, augmenting the #cheek, filling laughter lines, in fact pretty much as a replacement for #hyaluronic acid fillers….

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