Body Hair Transplant BHT

Beard and Body Hair transplant -BHT

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique is employed to perform hair transplant from various parts of the body. They include chest hair transplant, beard transplant, axillary hair transplant, and pubic hair transplant. The density of the hair after the transplant is low since only 1 or 2 follicles are transplanted. Further growth is also very gradual. It takes almost half a year for the growth to start.

Body has many sites which can act as donor for hair. This is useful in patients where the scalp hair is inadequate to give complete coverage. Donors such as Beard, Chest, Underarms can be used to harvest hair follicles over many sessions. The hair is primarily used over the top and crown area and never over the front.

Body hair transplant

BHT Stands for body hair transplant, this procedure involve the Follicular unit extraction technique commonly known as FUE to perform hair transplant from chest, beard, axilla including pubic hair. The only constraint here is that the density of hair in these area is very poor and most likely the grafts only contain one or two follicles, moreover the growth of the hair from such region is very slow which usually takes more than six months to start the hair growth. This BHT procedure is carried out only if the hair on the scalp is not available. For more details, you may consult Dr Amit Gupta – Consultant Divine Cosmetic Surgery, New Delhi, India.

Body hair is a good source for filing in gaps in the scalp for hair transplant. The common areas that are used for body transplant are beard, chest, underarms, pubic region, sometimes legs hair as well.

Technique of Body hair transplant

FUE is used for extraction of Body hair. They are taken one by one, strand by strand in a way form the donor area and implanted in the recipient area. Local anesthesia is used to make the areas numb before the procedure.


BHT is an additional source of hair that allows filling in gaps to increase density. It is particularly useful when the scalp hair is inadequate as a donor area or for multiple sessions when the scalp option has been exhausted.

Dr Gupta recommends – body hair is at best a filling material in between scalp hair to increase density or to fill in gaps. They do not do well when used as primary source of donor hair. We do not perform body hair unless adequate scalp hair is available to at least make the front hair line.

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