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Breast Lift Mastopexy

Breast Lift or Tightening Treatment in Delhi

Breast lift or mastopexy corrects and modiies the contour, size and elevation of sagging breasts upon the chest. Dr Gupta uses Brazilian techniques of short scar Breast Lift surgery to remove extra skin, lift the breast, reduce areola (if required). Short scar breast lift allows day care procedure, very quick recovery, almost no downtime and a very small acceptable scar.

Breast lift or mastopexy procedure is indicated in women with sagging breasts. Sagging breasts can be a result of significant weight loss or may happen following a period of breast-feeding, and in some women, the condition is present naturally.

Mastopexy procedure allows to correct the sagging of the breasts and provides a more normal appearance to the breasts, along with the much desired wellrounded appearance and fullness. The procedure is a daycare procedure, and the post-procedure recovery period is fairly limited, with a return to activities of normal daily living in about two to three days’ time.

Augmentation of breasts with breast implants can also be done in conjunction with a mastopexy procedure to provide an enhancement in size. The technique we follow involves a short vertical scar which are placed such that they are near invisible to untrained eyes. Breast lift is increasingly becoming a part of a set of procedures known as ‘Mommy Makeover’


A breast lift procedure is able to make the breast more youthful and well-shaped. We often combine Breast implants along with the Lift to give the twin benefit of breast enlargement as well as correction of sagging. The breast may sag due to:

1. Pregnancy

2. Aging

3. Weight fluctuations

4. In addition women may want an increase in size along with skin tightening.



The first step for the surgery is to meet Dr Gupta and discuss your issue with him. This will help you in taking the final decision. Evaluation will include a general history, breast examination. This allows a discussion of the surgical options for you. The surgeon will consider your health before proceeding. He will also explain you the possible complications after surgery and preparation for surgery.

As the first step procedure, the surgeon will mark the proper position where your nipple will go. The procedure involves removal of extra skin, lifting up of the nipple, removing extra skin from the areola, and breast tissue rearrangement to give more fullness in the upper breast where cleavage is visible. All stiches are self dissolving. Operative time is usually 90-120 minutes, The procedure is day care, and most women get back to office work in 48 hours.


Breast lift is a very safe surgery, with hardly any complications. Hypertrophic scarring, hematoma, temporary loss of nipple sensation may be seen. Breast feeding post mastopexy may not occur in everyone. However in augmentation and lift it is generally preserved.

Breast lift can reconstruct the figure in to a youthful and well-shaped look. A woman who desires the regeneration of her breast can go for breast lift surgery. At the time of surgery, the surgeon will first evaluate the health condition of the woman. Breast lift is one of the most common surgeries. They are used to reposition the nipple higher on the chest wall. Age lifting can be done at any age after your breast get completely developed. Breast lift will not affect your ability to breast feed. Most of the breast lifts are considered as cosmetic surgeries.

The surgeon will then remove the extra skin. Then, he/she will lift the breast tissue up into the proper location. You may have drains in your breasts for one or two days. The surgeon will remove the stitches within two or three weeks. Your breast will improve it’s size and shape over time. There may be slight differences in the harmony between the two breasts. If you are having such a problem, the surgeon will help you for the nipple reposition by doing a touch-up procedure.

The surgeon will suggest you to limit your activities during the period of recovery. There can be possible risks of any surgery. It may also include infection. It can happen in rare cases that, you may loss sensation in the nipples forever with the surgery. It cannot happen in all the cases. It is only a rare chance. Sometimes, breast surgeries are done along with breast implants. Some women may choose breast lift as a touch-up procedure to improve the overall look of their breasts.

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