Where Can I Get a Gynecomastia Surgery Done in Delhi

Gynecomastia Surgery

Where Can I Get a Gynecomastia Surgery Done in Delhi

Gynecomastia is a serious concern among males. Gynecomastia also known as Male boobs is the enlargement in male breasts which otherwise is not caused in normal conditions. This enlargement looks very awkward especially when one has to wear tight-fit t-shirts or has to undress. The tissues in the chest portion get enlarged, sometimes alone and sometimes along with the glands below the nipple area. Gynecomastia surgery has various grades depending upon appearance. Surgeries are performed taking note of the grades. 

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Gynecomastia is a real concern that needs to be treated and not ignored. Parents generally don’t talk about this to avoid the topic. Children, therefore, suffer a lot as they are teased by their friends and families for having enlarged breasts. They become depressed and shy in nature. They don’t talk to anybody. So, if your child is suffering from Gynecomastia and is showing depressive symptoms, then you must opt for the treatment and not ignorance.

Even if you are an adult, you can think about the treatment and opt out for surgery rather than avoid it.


Gynecomastia or Male boobs is caused by the following factors-

An imbalance in male and female hormones after puberty.

An increase in estrogen levels or decrease in testosterone levels results in the development of Gynecomastia.

Ageing- Sometimes due to ageing, the muscles in the chest get loose and sag down. This gives the appearance of Male boobs.

Intake of steroids- Many times, for bodybuilding purposes, gymmers take steroids. These steroids​ alter their hormone level and hence increase the estrogen levels in males resulting in Male boobs.

Obesity- Sometimes obesity in Children leads to enlargement in the breast which appears like Gynecomastia. However, it is pseudo gynecomastia and can be subsided by exercising and gymming.

Improper development of Testes-  If testes are not fully developed or cryptorchidism (testes not descending​ into scrotal sacs) is present, then also the person will have decreased levels of testosterone. This may result in a substantial increase in estrogen levels resulting in Male boobs or Gynecomastia.


There’s no medication for Gynecomastia. Surgery is the only ultimate cure for Gynecomastia. However, chest exercise and gymming can relieve a patient. But, for the complete cure, it is highly necessary to get the surgery done by a very experienced plastic surgeon. 

The surgeries are performed according to the grade under both general and local anesthesia. The patient is discharged the same day. He is, however, restricted to doing some activities like weight lifting, heavy workouts, running, and other things. He is also asked to wear pressure garments to avoid bleeding and lump formation. These restrictions are for a limited time period and once passed this, the person is allowed to resume all the normal activities. 

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The symptoms of Gynecomastia are self diagnosable and the person can diagnose Gynecomastia based on the following –

Breast tissue swelling

Tenderness in the breast

Nipples poking out

Shape like a female breast.

Are there any tests for Gynecomastia?

No. Gynecomastia can be diagnosed easily by the appearance of the chest. However, to know the exact reason, one may get a testosterone level test done. If it is due to cryptorchidism, then the male will observe a shrill voice, no appearance of a mustache or less dense mustache and beard, less libido, and many more.

What to look for in a surgeon before getting a Gynecomastia surgery?

You must get your surgery done by a highly skilled and experienced plastic surgeon. 

He must have a degree to show and not a quack.

He should have a good setup with all the facilities.

He should have a highly professional and skilled team of experts.

Gynecomastia surgery treatment in Delhi

If you live in Delhi and Gurgaon and are looking for a Gynecomastia surgery cost in Delhi, then your best bet is Dr. Amit Gupta. He is the owner and founder of Divine Cosmetic Surgery. With a vast experience of more than 17 years in plastic surgeries, he is the epitome of perfection and precision. Divine Aesthetics is synonymous with the best quality of surgeries. 

Here at Divine, we have a team of 4 plastic surgeons, one of its kind in India, all of them working harmoniously under one roof. Also, to make a better decision, we have issued a complete educational​ series of informative YouTube videos on Gynecomastia and all the other plastic surgeries.

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At Divine Cosmetic Surgery, We Are A Group Of Experts, Who Strive Each Day To Bring You The Safest, Cost Optimised, And Result Oriented Technologies. 

So, if you are considering getting a Gynecomastia surgery done in Delhi and Gurgaon, you should definitely go for Divine Cosmetic Surgery. 

Gynecomastia is not a thing to ignore. It is treatable with minimal surgery allowing a patient to get discharged the same day. Only he has to follow some restrictions for a limited time period to get the best results and avoid bleeding.

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