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10 Reasons You Are Going Wrong With Your Hair Transplant?

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Hair Raising & Raising it Well is an Experience & a Habit for Us !!!

Is any of these You ?????

I have had a previous bad experience with a hair transplant clinic?

I am concerned about my marriage since I am balding?

I am hesitant to click pictures because I don’t have hair?

I am tired of taking homeopathy medicines for years with no result?

I feel conscious in the office in front of hairy people?

I think Hair Transplant is very Expensive?

Look younger and more Hair with lots of hair at Divine As did Mr. Rajiv Arora …..

Mr. Rajeev Arora is not only a dear friend but a very happy patient as well. He suffered from severe baldness and suffered in silence for years on. I used to encourage him for hair transplant, but he never had time. We finally managed to fix a date and actually do the procedure. In his own words, he said “he never had the confidence that hair transplant can be so magical, so pain-free and so comfortable. I wish I had gotten it done earlier. It has been a life changer for me. I feel happier, I smile more and I don’t get shy of people taking my pictures.”

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Who We Are

At Divine, hair raising and raising it well is a habit, a habit that we have developed over the years, after years of hard work and experience. A lot of sweat and skill have gone into developing our perfect hair transplant results. If you are losing hair or have lost hair, trust us. We are a group of professionals, headed by a Plastic Surgeon. Our core area is Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplant, and it is our business and passion to design hair growth for you, and each one of you.

We are a Plastic Surgery Centre, headed by Our Chief, Dr. Amit Gupta, Plastic & Aesthetic Surgeon. We have extensive experience of 4500 and counting Hair transplant procedures in the last 9 years, we perform transplant procedures using the following techniques


  • The turbocharged procedure with most satisfying results.
  • Removal of a hair-bearing strip from which individual hair follicular units are separated.
  • Removal of a hair-bearing strip from which individual hair follicular units are separated.
  • Implantation in a strand by strand one at a time manner.
  • The closure of the back is done with a beautifully modified trichophytic closure.
  • Barely a pencil line scar with hair actually growing through it.
  • Up to 7000 hair follicles can be extracted.
  • Multiple sessions are possible with the least donor’s site problem.​


  • Individual extraction of grafts Which Are then implanted one by one.
  • Minimal scarring in the donor area.
  • The patient can maintain a short haircut after this procedure with the least visibility of having done the procedure.
  • Up to 6000 hair follicles can be extracted.

Long Hair Transplant

  • In this technique roots with long hair, the length is implanted.
  • Visibility of the transplant is the least.
  • The patient can return to the office within 2 or 3 days of the procedure.
  • A technique used by airline crew hospitality staff and senior executives of the multinational company.

Robotic Hair Transplant

  • Utilizes artificial intelligence with a computer interface between the patient and the plastic surgeon.
  • Best results.
  • The hair root damage is the least.


  • Combination of different techniques.
  • Maximum hair graft number in a single session.
  • Larger grades of baldness are to be tackled in a single go.
  • 9000 to 10000 hair follicles can be extracted.


  • Stem cells from your own blood are injected.
  • Increase hair growth.
  • Reduce hair fall.
  • Increase density.
  • Done when hair fall starts

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Dr. Amit Gupta’s scientific article on Combination Hair Transplant (MMFT) published in Annals of plastic surgery.

” We make a promise to all our patients, we will make a difference in your lives, we are always around for you. My assurance is worth it, trust me, we grow hair well, but we design hair better. Each design is individualized, especially for you, to suit you, your face, your body structure, your age, and your profession. When you come to us, you leave with my years of skills and experience. “


Some of our friends who have loved what we did for them


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which is the best technique for hair transplant - FUE or FUT?

Both techniques are wonderful and in some ways complementary to each other. In this trip technique, a hair-bearing strip is taken from the back of the head and is closed with very fine sutures. Disclosure is done in a very special way by doctor Gupta in a technique called charged trichophytic closure. We close in a way that he actually growth through the scar and supplement it with PRP injections to remodel the scar give a very natural appearance. In the FUE process, the hair sticking out using very fine punches leaves very very small scars but they are spread on the entire back of the head. The resulting input the techniques is absolutely the same. The recovery is very similar and the need for pain Killers is very similar in both the techniques. The only difference is that in one technique days linear scar and in the other there around punched cards spread throughout the head and in the FUE process we need to shave the entire head. The number of hair follicles that can be extracted the strip technique is much more. In fact, in most of the procedures, We combine both the techniques in order to get more hair to achieve logic coverage and better densities​.

Does Dr. Amit personally perform all procedures?

Dr. Amit Gupta is the Chief Plastic Surgeon and personally performs all the procedures happening at DIvine Cosmetic Surgery. He has a dedicated team of 12 Operation theatre assistants, who assist him in various stages of the hair transplant process.

Do you offer an EMI plan for the procedure?

We have tie-ups with Financial Institutions which offer loans for cosmetic surgery. these loans can be paid via Simple EMI is over 2 years.

How long is the result of the hair transplant going to last?

The transplanted hair will not fall off again, they only will age with your other hair, undergoing greying and whitening with age.

I am outstation, how should I plan the procedure?

You can send this your pictures on WhatsApp or email. We will coordinate with you either on the phone or on video calling to assess your problem and advise you the best procedure. You can then plan your trip to Our center and we will offer you all local help including airport pickups extra, Hotel stays, etc. All feature follow-ups will subsequently be either on Skype WhatsApp or emails.

What if I am not satisfied with the results?

We take full responsibility for our results and assure every patient that all the hair that is transplanted will grow. In a rare scenario where a patient is not totally satisfied with the result, we have a meeting to assess the problem and to discuss openly the concerns. in the event that the patient feels that some hair has not grown, we offer free touch up since our aim is to have a satisfied patient.

Do you recommend PRP augmented hair transplant?

Certainly, we do recommend PRP treatment in hair transplant. We augment hair transplant procedures with PRP. TRP is also injected in the donor area to improve the scarring and in recipient, areas to improve the condition of the existing hair, as well as to improve the growth of the transplanted hair.

There are many clinics offering unlimited hair for costs as low as 40000-50000. How do I decide where to go?

This is one of the commonest questions asked of us. It is essential to remember that most of these centers are not run by Plastic Surgeons and are actually outsourced to either non-qualified medical personnel or non-medical technicians come and do the transplants here. What is unlimited? How do you know how many follicles have been implanted? What is the follow-up? What is the experience of the doctor performing? Is the operating theatre clean and sterile? What are the results? With us, a patient is assured of being operated by a plastic surgeon, all follow-ups are scheduled and carried out by our Chief Plastic Surgeon. We take full responsibility for our results. Our teams have been with us for the past 9 years and are thorough professionals. We count each hair that is implanted. It's a question of safety and reliability.

What is the benefit of Robotic transplant?

Robotic hair transplant is a modified version of FUE, with higher precision and faster process. This is because of the computer interface which allows better control and eliminates the manual error.

How many hair transplant surgeries have you done?

Our team has performed 4500 and counting hair transplant in the last 9 years, in Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Malaysia, and Indonesia. In addition, more than 2000 patients have taken hair fall treatments from us.

When can I see real hair growth?

Implanted hair has an initial period of primary shedding in the first 2-6 weeks post-transplant. They then start growing at 2.5 to 3 months post procedure with a final growth taking 7-9 months.

What is the follow up required?

We normally like to review you after 3 days for your first head wash and then after 2 weeks to see how the donor area has healed up and how is the hair growth happening. The next follow-up is at 3 months and finally at 9 months. All these follow-ups can be at the clinic via Skype or WhatsApp if you're an outstation patient.

What are the post-procedure precautions?

On the completion of the procedure, you will be handed over a post-procedure protocol sheet which will be personally discussed with the clinical coordinator at the clinic to clear all pending doubts and to take you over the important post-procedure precautions. The most important ones are avoiding smoking and drinking for a period of 1 week and to avoid sports, swimming or any heavy exertional work for a period of 10 days.

Is FUE process scarless, does FUT leave big scars?

No procedure is ever scarless and does the scars a very fine in FUE, they are there. In these pictures, you can easily see the FUE scars as being fairly visible. The same patient also has a FUT scar which is fairly invisible. The scars will always be there and eventually depends on the skills of the doctor.

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