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Do’s and Don’ts of Bust Inserts

Do’s and Don’ts of Bust Inserts

Do’s and Don’ts of Bust Inserts

If you have decided to have a Bust Inserts Procedure, then you should start preparing from the very first day. Following guidelines is the foundation of a successful Bust Insert procedure.
A few Do’s and Don’ts which every patient MUST follow.

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Always research about the person who is going to perform the procedure. Ensure he is a board certified plastic surgeon with at least 10+ experience in the field of aesthetic, cosmetic and plastic surgery.

Start forming the habit to eat healthy food several days and/or weeks prior to the procedure. One, this will help you to stay healthy and second will help in recover faster.

Ensure a light meal the night before Bust Insert procedure. This helps in staying fresh the next morning as well as erases the chances of any complication during and after the procedure.

Before the procedure, make sure to prepare the place on which your recovery process will take place after the procedure. Make sure that you all the necessary things are available with you at that place.

You will be able to resume your daily activities as early as 2 days post procedure. However, if time permits more rest will lead to faster recovery.

At last but not least, DO take care of your new bust inserts. Your plastic surgeon will suggest you wear tight fitting clothes and bras in order to avoid swelling. This will also lead in fast and better recovery.


Before undergoing the procedure during consultation and even pre-preparation time, make sure you DON’T hide anything from your surgeon regarding any medical issues or medications or supplements you are consuming. Doing so can result in procedural complications and/or be life threatening.

DON’T eat any spicy or oily food item the day before the procedure as it may cause some infection(s).

  1. DON’T indulge in any smoking or drinking activity at least a week prior to the procedure. They may not create any complication to the procedure but, it affects your health so it may lead to slow recovery and other related factors.
  2. You should not wear underwire bras until the moment you get healed. The wires of underwire bras can irritate the sensitive bust tissue and can also affect the bust inserts.
  3. DON’T expect a sudden change in the appearance of your bust just after you get bust inserts. All the women who undergo and/or are planning to get Bust Inserts must know that the inserts will take some time to get settled in the bust tissues. Massaging the bust tissues will help in settling of the implants very fast but, this must first be practiced under the guidance of your plastic surgeon. The more patience you keep, the more attractive you will look.

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