Hour Glass Figure Surgery

Hour Glass Figure Surgery

The latest modification in Vaser technology is 4D body contouring, and one of the most demanded procedures is creation of hour glass figure in women. In addition, we combine buttock contouring and lower back correction along with hour glass surgery. Vaser is used to selectively remove fat and the harvested fat is injected in buttocks to shape the buttocks well.

We need to look attractive, and the body structure so much contributes to the personality of the individual. The female body shape and structure is given priority throughout the ages, and todays age is not different, in fact the demand for the perfect figure is far more today. The hourglass shape is the most sought after body shape, and also knows as the X shape. The waist is the narrowest part of the body contributing to that sensuality in the lady.

Hours of gym can bring you close to an hour glass shape while VASER 4 D shaping can do that in a matter of hours. the whole process revolved around removal of fat including superficial liposuction from the waist, upper and lower abdomen, lower back, around the breast rolls.

The procedure takes 3-4 hours, and is done as a day care procedure. Most patients are back to work in 3-5 days.

It is said that the entire world is comprised of 2 sex: male and female. As we go through the various world cultures and traditions, we can very well notice the significance of ‘the female’. Female has been described by various characteristics like creation and attractiveness. Both these features go hand in hand. It is just like the basic ‘response to stimuli’ phenomenon. For creation or reproduction to take place, it is essential to create a stimuli (‘attractiveness’ in this case). This might be the reason why female body shape and structure is given priority throughout the ages. The present age is not very different. In fact, the demand for an attractive body is gaining significance day by day. The body structure is believed to contribute significantly to the personality of the individual.

Various body shapes are observed. These shapes are differentiated on the basis of the inflection points (waist, hip and the breast) and the circumference ratios. The hourglass shape is one among the much sought out figures. This figure is also known as the X-shape. The waist is relatively narrower in this shape. Both the upper and lower body portions have fat accumulation. Reliable sources have found out that almost 40% of women have rectangular or banana shape. The findings also mention about the immense desire to change this body shape into the attractive hourglass figure.

Although exercises of appropriate areas can result an ‘approximate’ hourglass shape, the process is time consuming. What majority of women need is this shape during their youth. Cosmetic procedures such as hourglass figure surgery is ideal for these cases. The nature and time taken for the surgery varies with individuals. The surgery involves liposuction from areas like waist and appropriate contouring. Post-operatively, it is possible to experience a small amount of pain during the initial weeks. However, this shall fade way after a period of time. The patient can very well return to the normal activities after a span of about 3-6 weeks.


1. Vaser is a form of energy assisted liposelection. Sound is an energy and causes selective emulsification of fat, skin contraction and almost no bleeding in the procedure, The ability to remove fat from superficial skin layers without causing skin damage allows us to do the unique 4D body contouring, as invented by Dr Alfredo Hoyos, Columbia, under whom the author has trained.

2. The key to all procedures is marking and a good understanding of human anatomy. We begin the process with marking of areas to be suctioned and areas to be highlighted.

3. The first step is infiltration to create tumescence. Vaser is done to emulsify the area, liposuction is then done to remove fat, aspirated fat is collected to inject in buttocks, breast, and face or as is desired. Buttock fat injection is the key to buttock shaping.

Post Procedure

Pressure garment is advised for a period of 6-8 weeks, frequent deep tissue ultrasound and physiotherapy is required in initial weeks to control swelling. The shaping starts to be visible in about 3 weeks and the final result can take 3 months or more to show.


1. Weight Maintenance – It is extremely important to maintain weight, and exercise.

2. Follow instructions of treating surgeon to get results.

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