Privacy Policy

In accordance with the manner in which one visits the site of Divine Cosmetic Surgery the web server thereof as far as possible shall recognize such visitors domain name and email address and may collect information as to the pages such visitor accesses or visits and information volunteered by the visitor or the user, such as survey information and/or site registrations so as to collect user specific data vis-vis the site. Such information collected by the site is with a view to improving the content of the web site, used to customize the content and/or layout of the page of site for each individual visitor or user.

You may of your own volition send Divine Cosmetic Surgery site personally identifying information, for example, in an electronic mail message or by voluntarily disclosing that information by responding to an online survey. You acknowledge and agree that Divine Cosmetic Surgery site may use personally identifying information from you to respond to your inquiries or for other internal business purposes. This information shall not be sold or rented to third parties, however, any access to or use of the same by others shall be without consent of Divine Cosmetic Surgery.