5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Moustache Hair Transplant

  • You have heredity mustache baldness.
  • If you have gone through some kind of trauma
  • You have a patchy beard because of previously extracted scalp hair transplant.
  • You have a scar from an accident or injuries and even poor shaving approaches.
  • Enhance your appearance.

A hair transplant can help to resolve your issues. Dr. Amit Gupta is a renowned Plastic surgeon who has performed 6500+ hair Transplant procedures at his clinic Divine Cosmetic Surgery.

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Understanding Moustache Hair Transplant

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Moustache Hair Transplant

Moustache transplant is a hair restoration procedure for men suffering from facial thinning hair, patches, and scattered mustache. The objective of the mustache hair transplant is the shape of the facial hairline appearance. To meet the standard of beauty that defines masculinity, many will opt for mustache hair transplants. This treatment involves the transplantation of scalp hair from the donor area to the mustache area that lacks the perfect hair density and shape.

  • Poor nutrition and lacking diet can be a factor for your patchy mustache.
  • You have less production of male hormones testosterone.
  • You feel conscious about your looks.
  • You have accident scars on your face.

Benefits of Moustache Hair Transplant

  • Luscious Mustache

    Luscious Mustache

    No matter what the cause of hair loss and thinning of mustache maybe, a good mustache hair transplantation is easily possible to give your mustache a better outlook.

  • Enhance their Physical Appearance

    Enhance their Physical Appearance

    A mustache hair transplant is the only proven and safe solution to enhance your facial appearance. This procedure has been changing lives constantly by bringing positivity in terms of younger-looking appearance and self-confidence.

  • Less Healing Time

    Less Healing Time

    A mustache hair transplant doesn't need a long recovery period after the procedure. You will notice some redness and minor swelling, but it will fade away the following days.

  • Permanent solution

    Permanent Solution

    A mustache hair transplant is considered a permanent solution for individuals suffering/lacking from facial hair.

  • Pain-free Procedure

    Pain-free Procedure

    A mustache hair transplant is not a painful procedure. Because this entire procedure requires minimal invasion and medical innovation is currently at its finest.

What Moustache Hair Transplant Can Do/ Can’t Do



  • Provide you natural results
  • Gives you the kind of mustache you want
  • Increase your looks and make you feel confident


  • Change colour of your mustache
  • Help who just had some serious illness

Before & After Real Results

Moustache Hair Transplant Procedure

Your surgeon will inject you with local anesthesia to numb the area for surgery.

The grafts are extracted from the donor area with either FUE or FUT technique(patient’s decision) and then implanted in the recipient area. Then, your surgeon’s first step will be to shave the area on your head that’s being harvested.  After that, the surgeon will implant each follicle into your facial skin, shaping your new mustache the way you want.

Your surgeon will clean the area for recovery. The procedure takes 5 hours. Your surgeon will advise you on antibiotics and painkillers to take them and give post-operative instructions for further care and better results.

Moustache Hair Transplant

As You

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The risk involved in Moustache Hair Transplant?

The risk in a Moustache hair transplant comes when you don’t have your surgery done from a reputed place, which can lead to many severe problems. Just like other hair transplant procedures, Moustache hair transplants also have several side effects to keep in mind after the procedure. These include bruising, swelling, tenderness among others. Complications are generally rare, but possible in case the surgery is poorly conducted. Neglecting the post-operative guidelines then there might be a chance that the patient has to face severe issues. Inadequate expertise is messing up the way of Moustache hair transplant.

Cost of Moustache Hair Transplant
Cost of Moustache Hair Transplant

Mustache hair transplant cost in India depends upon various factors like the patient and the quality of surgery provided by the doctor. The experience of a doctor also matters the most. That is why you should have your surgery done by a well-experienced doctor for the best mustache hair transplant in Delhi. The mustache transplant cost in Delhi may vary from clinic to clinic majorly depending on the number of grafts required and the reputation of the clinic. The price per graft usually varies from 20-120 INR per graft depending on the reputation of the clinic. Many mustache and beard hair transplant clinics offer cheaper transplants, but to assess the credibility of these clinics is a must as this is a question of your face.


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