Is Tummy Tuck Procedure Really Life Changing?

tummy tuck surgery

Is Tummy Tuck Procedure Really Life Changing?

Obesity, fat, body shaming, and many more. There are many people who are suffering from all of these. They just don’t know what to do. Despite trying everything possible like exercise, gym, diet, etc., there are many people who aren’t able to improve their conditions​. However, now you can clearly improve your condition by getting tummy tuck surgery. Some people have just taken this as their fate but little did they know is that there is a surgery, which can alter their lives forever.

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This surgery removes the extra fat from the abdomen and tightens the muscles in the abdominal wall.

Who can get this surgery done?
Both men and women can opt for this as this is a unisex surgery.
Women who have undergone childbirth and have gained a tremendous amount of weight post parturition are the most suitable ones for the surgery.

Both men and women who have gained weight earlier and were obese once are also quite suitable for the surgery as they are susceptible to developing nasty tummy.

Also, those people who have lost weight and have developed saggy skin can also get this surgery done to make sure the skin and the muscles are tight enough.

People who shouldn’t consider getting this surgery done

While there are many people who can get this surgery done, still there are people who can’t. Such people should not consider getting this surgery done are-
Women planning pregnancy as this surgery may hamper their process of getting pregnant.
People who are trying to lose weight. Best Tummy tuck surgery in Delhi is never an alternative to lose weight. It is the last resort of losing belly fat but not the first.
People who don’t want any kind of scar on their body, such people should avoid getting a tummy tuck surgery done.

Types of tummy tuck surgery

There are two types of tummy tuck surgeries that are performed by a plastic surgeon-
Complete tummy tuck surgery
Partial or mini tummy tuck surgery

Risk factors associated with the tummy tuck surgery

There are various risk factors associated with tummy tuck surgery are-
Consumption of alcohol
Consumption of drugs

How is this surgery performed?

A tummy tuck surgery is performed under the effect of anesthesia, so the feeling of pain is not there. The person sleeps during the whole procedure. This surgery should always be performed by a certified plastic surgeon only, failing which serious complications can be developed.

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Possible complications​ associated with the tummy tuck surgery

Although a tummy tuck surgery is considered safe still there are possible complications associated with the surgery such as-

Blood clot
Heart/ lung disease
Losing of skin

These complications are usually developed if the surgeon is not experienced and he/she does not have expert hands. If you go for cheaper options then such complications may get developed as the surgeon may become careless and may operate without considering safety and hygiene protocols.

Things to look for in a Plastic surgeon
You just can’t get your surgery done by any random plastic surgeon. This surgery should be done by a plastic surgeon with the following qualities-
Good experience
Good clinical setup
Authentic certificates and degree
Well experienced and skilled staff

Where can I get Tummy tuck surgery done in Delhi NCR?
If you are living in Delhi Gurgaon, then you can opt for a tummy tuck surgery by Dr. Amit Gupta. He is the best plastic surgeon in Delhi NCR. His clinic Divine Cosmetic​ Surgery is the most trusted center for plastic surgeries ensuring patients’ care at par with all the necessary safety standards and follow-ups.
He is a Well-known Sr Plastic Surgeon & Plastic Surgeon In Delhi, India, And In Many Countries Worldwide. He has performed thousands of plastic surgeries including tummy tuck surgery. He has a wide experience of more than 17 years in plastic surgeries.

Tummy tuck surgery can definitely alter a person’s life by giving him the last resort of losing the belly fat and changing his life forever. However, one thing to make sure of here is that even after getting a tummy tuck surgery, one can get fat and gain weight.

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