Your course of action to pick the right Doctor

About the Author – Dr Amit Gupta is a Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon based in Delhi, India, with Plastic Surgery centres in Delhi and Gurgaon. He has a centre in Gurgaon in Sector  31, just next to the Expressway on Exit 8 by the name of Divine Cosmetic Surgery. He has another centre in South Extension, Delhi by the same name.  In addition, he performs hair transplant in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Ahmedabad. He is an expert with Body contouring like 6 pack surgery, hour glass figure, breast implant, and mummy makeover. Further information can be obtained from, He can be reached via WhatsApp on +91 9999972949, and over Email on

Introduction  – Hair transplant is among the most common cosmetic surgery in males in Delhi and Gurgaon. There are more than 50 clinics in Gurgaon and most of them are not treated by experts. In fact doctors who are not supposed to be doing hair transplant as per law, manage most of them. It is very difficult for a patients to choose, with intense media advertising, false publicity and copied  photographs.

Things to look out for when you search a Hair transplant Clinic or Doctor in Gurgaon

 Gurgaon has only recently seen an increase in number of clinics. We researched a large number of such clinics, and found large number of spas offering such procedures. We must caution patients against getting trapped. Some aspects they should look at is

  1. Reputation of the clinic – Go through online reviews of clinic and any negative reviews. Visit the clinic to see if it is the place worthy of getting a surgery. It must be clean, hygienic, location, staff etc.
  2. Credentials of the treating doctor – Do enquire about the degrees of the doctor. We believe only plastic surgeon should conduct hair transplants and it is the onus of the patient to enquire about the credentials. By ignoring these aspects, we are allowing these fraudsters to grow. We believe that dermatologists, general surgeons, dentists, MBBS doctors, radiologists are not equipped to perform these procedures with the best outcomes.
  3. Online presence –Photographs don’t lie however photographs can be modified to give incomplete information. Any site that has photographs that are copied or are fake, tells about the quality of the doctor. One of the commonest pictures that is copied all over is:


This pic is seen in at least in 100 websites and clinics all over India. The meaning is obvious…

  1. Consult the doctor– It helps to maintain a relationship and also to develop trust in the doctor.
  2. Pricing –Remember,DO NOT go for the cheapest. Quality comes with a price. And the price is worth the outcome.

Why choose Divine Cosmetic Surgery for Hair Transplant in Gurgaon

  1. All procedures done by Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon are trained in Brazil and Belgium.
  2. Excellent and convenient location: right off Exit 8 from the Expressway.
  3. Optimal pricing.
  4. Only clinic in Gurgaon to offer FUT, FUE and Robotic hair transplant.
  5. Only clinic in Gurgaon to not hire technicians to do their transplants. All the staff is qualified andare permanent staff of the clinic.
  6. Dedicated manager for follow up and reviews.