What is the  Factors of  Hair Transplant Cost?

The hair transplant cost can depend on several factors.

How many grafts will you need for your hair transplant? The number of grafts needed for the procedure

Which Techniques are used for Hair Transplantation? Depending on FUE, FUT, MFT, etc used for the hair transplant

The donor region selected for the hair transplant. The donor area refers to the zone where the hair follicles are obtained for the transplant process.

The location where you get the hair transplant. A hair transplant is a medical procedure that requires the best doctor, equipment, and technology.

The experience of the surgeon who is providing the hair transplant. Led by the talented, skilled, and experienced Doctor

The technique used for extracting the grafts. FUT, FUE technique is used for extraction of donor grafts

Whether the surgery is concluded  in a single or multiple sessions