6 Reasons You Should Consider Hair Restoration

  • You are suffering from a Low self esteem due to less hair on the head
  • You don’t feel comfortable getting yourself photographed because you don’t have a good headline
  • People at home or at work tease you that you are much older than you look
  • When you go for a marriage proposal, the opposite party things you are too old
  • Your confidence has just totally crashed and you don’t want to meet friends or do any extra activity
  • You have done a best hair transplant but the results are so bad that it has made you feel even worse and now you need an expert for correction

A Good & Well Planned Hair Transplant can help to resolve all your issues. So, connect with Dr. Amit Gupta today because he is the best Plastic Surgeon performing Hair Transplants in Delhi, India. His team has done nearly 7000+ procedures

The best hair transplant Doctor in Delhi

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What is Hair Transplant?

  • Hair transplant is a procedure of redistribution of hair from a donor area to the recipient area.  there is no new hair creation but just a redistribution 
  • There are various techniques of hair transplant as well as medical treatments to manage hair fall naturally
  • A hair transplant is successful and permanent only if the hair is taken from the permanent zone
  • It is essential that you check the credentials of your operating doctor and not be guided only by low costs
What is Hair Transplant

Cost of Hair Transplant in Delhi?

Hair transplants in Delhi cost vary on the choice of the place and the surgeon. Many people are worried about the hair transplant price in Delhi. We aim to provide the best hair transplant cost in Delhi. let’s evaluate the factors behind the cost of hair restoration

  • The degrees of the doctor –  plastic surgeons will be more expensive compared to any homeopath for technician doing this
  • Experience of the doctor 
  • The technique of hair transplant used
  • Number of hair follicles implanted
  • Kind of facility  and safety standards
  • Training of the assistance teams
  • Follow-up program 

Losing Your Hairs? Don't Stay Confused

How to Avoid Bad Hair Transplant?

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Benefits of Hair Transplant
  • Permanent and Natural Results

    Permanent and Natural Results

  • Donor site is not damaged

    Donor site is not damaged

  • Getting the correct direction of Hair and Adequate Hair for maximum coverage

    Getting the correct direction of Hair and Adequate Hair for maximum coverage

  • Combination of various techniques to achieve best results

    Combination of various techniques to achieve best results

What should a hair transplant patients look for in a clinic
  • Check the credentials and degrees of the doctor –  make sure they are plastic surgeons
  • Make sure that the assistant themes are also certified
  • The centre must perform  different types of techniques and not offer just one technique
  • Please make sure that no Ayurveda or homeopathy or dental Specialists are operating on you
  • Check the facility for cleanliness and safety standards
  • Be  very sure of the following program and I hope that you will get after the procedure
  • Be very clear about the number of hair and the kind of coverage that is planned
  • Check for emergency backup procedures
Best hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi
What Hair Transplant Can Do/ Can’t Do


  • Make you attractive and good-looking
  • Create a natural and complete coverage of your bald areas
  • Correct your receding hairline
  • Give you guaranteed results, safely


  • Large bald areas cannot be transplanted to full coverage with complete density unless combination of techniques is used
  • Change the texture or pattern of your hair
  • Does not stop continued hair thinning and hair loss
  • Cannot guarantee loss of hair due to medical , patient related or skin related issue
Techniques of Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is the surgical method in which the surgeon takes the hair follicles from the genetically strong area and implants them into the bald area of the head. Divine Cosmetic Surgery offers a hair transplant clinic in Delhi priced lower than others.

Every patient of Hair Transplant is different. What works, well for your friends may not be the right solution for your hair transplant concerns, which is why we suggest you visit our clinic.

Get Hair Naturally With Consultation From Our Experts

Dr Amit Gupta

Super Specialist Plastic & Aesthetic Surgeon
Years Of Experience
Hair Transplants Done
International Affiliation
  • Dr. Gupta is today amongst  India’s most trusted Plastic Surgeon
  • Divine is the fastest growing brand in India today
  • Divine has performed 7000+ hair transplant surgeries
  • The only centre in India to offer 6 different hair transplant techniques to get the best results
  • The only centre in India to perform Long Hair transplant
  • The only centre  in India to offer assurance of results
The perfect treatment for Hair Fall in Men & Women starts with most accurate diagnosis and good planning

Hair Transplant Success Story

Looking Hair
Regain Your Natural Looking Hair
How to prepare for a Hair Transplant?

Dr. Amit Gupta takes up to 5- 6 hours in performing the hair transplant surgery under local and general anesthesia, with the high-quality tools hair follicles are removed and implanted into the bald scalp. After the surgery, the transplanted area is covered with bandages and we discharged the patient on the same day of the surgery. Dr. Amit Gupta is the best hair transplant doctor in Delhi.

The patient must follow the instructions of the surgeon which helps the recovery fast. Your surgeon will give medications if the patient would feel any pain or swelling. Otherwise, a hair transplant is a safe surgical procedure performed by the best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi.

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    Before & After Real Results
    The risk involved in Hair Transplant

    The risk of hair transplant comes when you don’t have your surgery done from a reputed place, which can lead to many severe problems. Absence of curves in the hairline and if the patient does not follow the post-operative guidelines then there might be a chance as well that the patient has to face severe issues. Inadequate expertise is messing up the way of hair transplants. It is impossible to cure a female hairline if wrongly made on a male pattern. If you are searching for the best clinic for hair transplants in Delhi then, Dr. Amit Gupta is the best hair transplant doctor in New Delhi, India and he does the best hair transplant in Delhi. When it comes to safety it’s the best and cheap hair transplant in Delhi. He does the best hair transplant surgery in Delhi, so far 7000+ successful surgeries. His clinic is one of the top hair transplant clinics in Delhi and it is 100% safe.  

    Recovery after Hair Transplant

    You may feel all around ok to return to work and resume typical, light movement after your surgery. Numerous patients who have had transplants are frightened to find that their new hair falls out inside about a month and a half after the medical procedure, you don’t need to get scared because this condition is normal and temporary. To ensure proper recovery the patients have to follow some measures to get recover faster. Dr. Amit Gupta recommends taking antibiotics for 3-4 days after the surgery. Avoid excessive smoking and alcohol for 7 days at least. Hair transplant in Delhi cost vary on the choice of the place and the surgeon. A hair transplant is the only treatment to restore hair naturally many people are worried about how much a hair transplant clinic in Delhi costs and that issue won’t be any problem because it is the Best hair transplant clinic in New Delhi with reasonable rates as it is the best hair transplant in south Delhi. After the surgery, hair transplantation in Delhi with the top hair transplant in Delhi can be or permanent investment if performed under the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi one can also visit our Delhi center at your convenience.

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