Best Plastic Surgeon in India

How to Choose The Best Plastic Surgeon in India ?

Are you looking to be a part of the aesthetics game? With an increasing number of plastic surgeons to help you achieve your desired goals, how do you ensure you’ve chosen the best plastic surgeon in India?

The number of men and women wanting to jump on the plastic surgery bandwagon is on a meteoric rise. Everyone wants to look and feel good. And plastic surgeries have become a common and acceptable way of achieving your desired looks. 

But choosing the right plastic surgeon is not easy. As the number of patients increases, so does the number of inexperienced and unqualified physicians. You have to be extra cautious as this decision will affect you for years to come. 

Here are 3 things to consider while choosing the best plastic surgeon for your surgery!

1. Check your plastic surgeon’s credentials thoroughly

Ensuring a surgeon’s qualified enough to perform the surgery is one of the first and foremost things to do before you actually get the surgery done. Make sure your surgeon’s certified to do what he/she’s doing.

 Finding a certified plastic surgeon makes the process more dependable and adds to the surgeon’s credibility.  Don’t hesitate to ask questions and clear any doubts you have before you embark on the procedure. 

2. Make sure your plastic surgeon is well-trained and has experience in your area of concern

Plastic surgery, like other fields, is vast. Not every surgeon will know everything about it. Operating on the nose, for instance, will be different from operating on a breast. Many times, a surgeon having a certain specialty might claim to have the ability to perform a surgery that’s different from his/her specialty. Ensure this doesn’t happen with you. 

Choose a plastic surgeon who has extensive experience in the treatment or procedure you want to get done. A specialized plastic surgeon who has comprehensive training and experience in your area of concern will be able to perform better than someone who has generalized knowledge or training.

3. Check out the operating facility and staff and ensure they’re polite and friendly

Getting plastic surgery is a big deal. You have to feel really prepared and comfortable to go through with the entire procedure. Ensure the facility you’re planning to get treated in, is safe, comfortable and clean. Pay close attention to how the staff and your plastic surgeon deal with you. 

Nothing about the place, staff or surgeon should make you feel anxious, tense or uncomfortable. You should feel relaxed enough to ask as many questions you want to. And get clear answers in return as well.

4. Connect with people who’ve had plastic surgery before

Getting referrals is also a sure-shot means to get an experienced plastic surgeon. Try to find people who’ve had plastic surgery, particularly the treatment or procedures you want to get done. You can find healthcare professionals who work in the field and know about physicians and facilities. And get recommendations from them. 

Or you can reach out to friends and family members. They can give you an honest rundown of a physician, facility and its staff and how everything went for them. 

5.  Talk to your friends and family and take as much time as you need

As mentioned before, plastic surgery is a big deal. Taking your own time to figure things out is key. Your surgeon will be someone you will share your innermost concerns with. You need to be absolutely sure and comfortable with him/her to go through the procedure. 

Talk to your friends and family and share what you feel about the facility, staff, and your surgeon. This will be a great help in dealing with any confusion or skepticism you might be having about the procedure and who you’re getting it done from.

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Keep these five things in mind before you choose your plastic surgeon. Don’t hesitate to take your time. 

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