Difference between FUE/FUT & MMFT

  • Are you confused about FUE and FUT
  • Are doctors telling you that FUE is scarless
  • Are you sure about the credentials of the doctor
  • Are you sure you are being told the truth about FUE
  • Do you know FUT has high damage in white hair
  • Are you aware that results in CURLY hair are very bad with FUE

If you were not aware of even 1 of the these, read ahead

  • Did you know that MMFT (Combination hair transplant )is a better technique than either FUE or FUT alone for large hair transplants
  • Are you aware that you can prevent donor site damage with MMFT
  • Do you know that you can get much more hair with MMFT technique
  • Do you know that hair transplant recovery is the fastest with MMFT

Understanding FUE vs FUT

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    Differentiating FactorFUEFUT
    TechniqueGrafts harvested directly from donor area with punchesStrip harvested, and grafts separated on table
    Hair TrimmingMandatory except in Zonal FUENot needed ( in Long hair technique no hair is cut either in donor or recipient area)
    White hair transplantVery good results30-40% wastage
    Curly Hair Transplant20-25% wastageVery good results
    Donor site thinningPossible in large FUE harvestationsNot possible
    Permanent zone boundariesOften have to cross to get more graftsAlways within the permanent zone
    Longevity of resultsCan have losses over 10 year follow up periodResults are nearly permanent
    Number of grafts in 1 sessionShould not exceed 2500Can go upto 3500
    Addition of scarsMultiple session will add more scarsNo new scar. 2nd session will remove previous scar and not give a 2nd scar
    Donor site damageDue to high speed drill is a possibilitynone
    Scar distribution: (in same length)5 to 6 times widerOne linear scar
    Wound treatment:Leave OpenClosed
    Scar:Hundreds of small punch scarsOne linear scar
    Total Scar Size:10 times bigger

    MMFT Technique of Hair Transplant

    Features of MMFT
    • Combination of different technique
    • Lot of flexibility of using the different techniques – we can use FUT +FUE or FUE plus beard hair transplant or FUT + beard transplant or all 3 in varying combinations.
    • Donor site is largely preserved
    • Recovery is very fast
    • Future sessions are possible
    • Large areas can be covered in 1 session
    • Extraction and implantation can go on simultaneously
    Combination of techniques usch as FUE + FUT + beard hair transplant to cover large segments of baldness. This is useful
    • when the baldness levels are grade 6 and more
    • More than 3000 grafts are needed
    • Patient wants single session treatment
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