4 facts about thigh and buttock reshaping surgery that you might not know!

  • Improves self-confidence
  • Removes cellulite look of the thighs and buttocks
  • Toned legs and buttocks
  • Youthful appearance

Every patient is different hence we recommend getting direct one to one

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Masterclass on Thigh and Calf Liposuction

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    What is thigh / buttocks and saddle bags liposuction

    Bulky thighs / or buttocks or saddle bags can be very uncomfortable for the patients. Whether it be wearing clothes of their choice, or gymming out or swimming. Patients ask for liposuction of these areas to get a better shape. Some ask for upper inner thigh diamond. The thrill is in standing n a beach wearing  bikini and letting the sun rays pass through the thigh gap

    Vaser Liposuction of the Thighs aims to

    • Reduce the bulk of the thighs
    • Give better thigh contours
    • Reduce pressure on the knees
    • Allow better clothing
    What Thigh Buttock Reshaping Can Do/ Can’t Do


    • Give a youthful appearance
    • Create toned thighs and buttocks naturally
    • Instant results
    • Safest surgery


    • Help in losing weight
    • Help in changing upper body
    Thigh Gap / Diamond Procedure

    Upper inner thighs are often touching each other and no clear gap exists between them. Creating an upper inner thigh Diamond can be done by

    • Aggressive liposuction in the upper inner thigh near the perineum
    • Liposuction of inner buttock from posteri side
    What is Thigh And Buttock Reshaping?

    You’ve noticed sagging and droopy skin in your buttocks and thighs. With the increasing age, our skin starts losing its elasticity and results in droopy or sagging skin. People start doing workouts to get rid of sagging skin but results take a lot of time and vigorous exercises. 

    It can be difficult to obtain the optimal results in your thigh and buttocks area with exercise only. If you’re looking for instant results and want to slip on a pair of jeans easily. Thigh and buttock reshaping surgery is the only option to get instant results. Thigh reshaping in India smooths and shapes your thighs and lifts the buttocks as well. 

    Vaser is a liposuction technology in which ultrasound waves break and liquefy the fat cells to reshape the buttocks and thighs. Women have different body shapes naturally which of them is a pear-shaped middle body portion, with a lean upper body, and a widened waist, hips, and thighs. We believe conventional tumescent liposuction is not ideal since it doesn’t cause skin contraction and leaves a lot of cellulite VASER IMPROVES CELLULITE.

    Reshaping the buttocks and giving thigh gap

    Hips and thighs are considered together since any procedure in one of them does not give the result unless both are tackled. Procedures will involve reshaping the buttock, reduction of the buttock in some parts, maybe part enlargement in other parts, removal of fat from the outer, front, and inner thighs, particularly the saddlebags.

    How You Should Prepare For Buttock & Thigh Reshaping Surgery?
    • The thigh and buttocks lift is performed using general anesthesia or a combination of sedation and local anesthesia and removes extra skin and toned the sagging tissues.
    • During the surgery, your surgeon will mark the targeted area, and then an incision is made to the marked areas. Liposuction will be performed to remove the fat from your thighs and buttocks. 
    • The outer thigh lift surgery is more complex than the inner thigh as it involves recontouring large parts of the thigh removing more fat.
    • During a buttock lift, fat will be removed from your hips, lower back, thighs, and abdomen by using the liposuction technique. Then the extracted fat is purified and injected into the targeted areas on your buttocks to enhance the shape, improve the volume and give desired results.
    • Choosing a board-certified and experienced surgeon is one of the most important decisions to make before undergoing the buttock reshaping surgery in India. In Divine Cosmetic Surgery, we have a team of skilled and qualified surgeons who will provide you the safest and the best surgery.

    You must follow your surgeon’s postoperative instructions strictly. Such as: –  

    • Taking care of the drains
    • Contact your surgeon about the signs of complications
    • Wear a compression garment
    • Medications need to take
    • Activities that you can do

    After receiving a thighs and buttocks lift surgery, it can take 3-6 weeks to go down the swelling completely.  If you’re worried about the thigh reshaping cost in Delhi, visit Divine Cosmetic Surgery for reasonable prices. As per your surgeon’s instructions you need to avoid sitting down for at least one week. Wearing compression garments is necessary as it will assist in the tightening of the skin. 

    During the first two weeks after thigh reshaping in India, you must stick to light activity. Be careful while moving and keep checking any sign of infection, visit your surgeon if you’ll notice any infection. After 8 weeks of the surgery, you can start your daily activities.

    Final results can be achieved within six months after thighs and buttocks lift surgery. You must avoid lifting any heavy things for a few weeks after the surgery.

    How to prepare

    • Identify the technique and areas to be treated
    • Stop smoking and alcohol 1 week prior
    • Inform Doctor about any medical illness or any medicines that are taken
    • Stop all vitamins and supplements
    • Take high protein and vitc diet
    • Dont hide any history of treatments
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    Risks of Liposuction / body contouring surgery

    No procedure can be risk free . The benefits of Liposuction far outweigh the risks. Some of the mentioned risks are

    • Allergic reaction
    • Burns due to friction of liposuction canulas
    • Seromas
    • Infection  bleeding
    • Organ injury
    Recovery after liposuction
    • Lot of swelling persists for first 3 weeks
    • Rest needed for first 5-7 days
    • Exercise / driving / shopping after  7 days
    • Final shape can take 3 months
    • Pressure garment for 8 weeks
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