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Breast augmentation procedure is for those who wish to achieve fuller breasts or to restore lost volume.



The standard amount of fat that can be removed should be about 3 to 5% of the total body weight.



The face, compared to any other body feature, is the reflection of personality.



Hair transplant is one of the more common Cosmetic Surgery procedure in men and increasingly in women as well.


Robotic Hair Transplant

Divine Cosmetic Surgery and Dr. Amit Gupta proudly present the state of the art Robotic hair transplant. The machine is HAARTS with a very advanced inbuilt computer that gauges the pressure of extraction based on skin quality improving the graft survival leading to better results.


Vaser Six Pack

Dr. Gupta frequently performs 4 Dimensional body Contouring procedures like 6 Pack Procedure, Hourglass figure procedure in women, deltoid shaping, pectoral shaping, etc. He has trained with Dr. Alfredo Hoyos in Columbia, who is the inventor of these procedures.



Gynecomastia or commonly ‘man boobs’ is a condition caused due to a variety of reasons in different individuals, such as metabolic disorders, the decrease in testosterone production, etc.

Doctor Amit Gupta through these videos discusses the philosophy of his practice, talks about the different types of surgeries performed.

Beginning of the New Age

amit gupta

Dr. Amit Gupta is one of the recognised and established cosmetic and Aesthetic Surgeon in the South East Asia region. With his comprehensive knowledge of the human body, he has been working as a Cosmetic and Hair Transplant expert from the last 9 years….

Dr. Amit Gupta Super Specialist in Plastic Surgery

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Our Complete List Of Procedures

  • Cosmetic Procedure
  • Robotic Hair Transplant
  • Liposuction
  • Plastic Procedure
  • Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Breast Lift Procedure
  • Male breast reduction
  • Hymenoplasty
  • FUE Hair Transplant
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Vaser Six Pack

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Popular Procedures

Dr Gupta is an expert in performing surgical procedures that enhance the cosmetic appearance of the individual. He performs procedures like face lift, eyelid procedure, nose procedure etc that literally transforms the appearance of the individual.

Meet Dr. Gupta
Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty can reshape the nasal shape in a natural and attractive manner. This requires a thorough understanding of nasal aesthetics as well as extensive experience performing Nasal Procedure.


Fat Injections

With significant weight loss, increasing age and the effects of gravity the buttock sags as loose skin and excess fatty tissue alter the taught, youthful appearance so often desired.

Gastric Banding

Mommy Makeover

‘Mommy makeover’ is an interesting term given to a set of procedures which aim to make a mother regain her vibrant teenage self.

Laser eye surgery

Eyelid Procedure

A beautiful pair of eyes highlight the face the most. one of the first evidence of ageing is the ageing of eyes, both upper and lower.

Face - Lift

Face - Lift

Facelift Procedure can help you turn back the clock, giving you a natural look that is both youthful and stunningly beautiful.

Liposuction Surgery

Body contouring Procedure

Stubborn fat deposits that will not respond to diet and exercise are often hereditary. For these patients, liposuction is the only treatment that will permanently eliminate unsightly bulges on the thighs, hips, waistline or abdomen.

Double Chin Removal

Double Chin Removal

Accumulation of fat in the neck gives the appearance of older age and obesity. People today want chiseled looks with a sharp jawline and chiseled necks.

Breast Uplift/ Reduction

Breast Uplift/ Reduction

You want to make your Breasts larger, or smaller and need to use a different sized Breast Implant. Dr. Gupta tells his patients that just because you’ve had your Breast Implants for some time doesn’t mean that they automatically need to be replaced.

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He has numerous International Publications in fields of Procedure, and Plastic Procedure.

Hymen repair procedure ( revirgination or hymenoplasty procedure)
Lip Enlargement to get the perfect lip – combination of lip implant and lip fillers
Road trip on the Pacific Coast and beyond

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With Dr. Gupta’s keen interest in the human body and precise hands he surely can do a miracle or two. But our brain seeks logic. A miracle to a human brain is like finding a sunken treasure in a manhole. It’s not assiduous enough when it comes to encompassing a miracle. The brain always demands a proof, so that it can be sure to invest its time diligently.

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