5 Reasons to opt for Six Pack Abs

  • Contoured, sleek-cut abdominal six-pack you’ve always desired.
  • Fast recovery period.
  • Boost self-confidence and enhance your self-esteem
  • Low risks
  • Healthy body

Get six-pack abs and accentuate your look today!

six pack abs surgery in delhi

A to Z On Six Pack Abs - Learn From Experts

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    Advantages of 4 Dimensional Procedure For Six Pack Abs

    Less Invasive

    Less Pain During & After Surgery

    Shorter Hospital Stay

    Shorter Recovery Time

    Highly defined and better noticeable abs due to minute fat removal technique

    What is 4D 360 degree VASER liposuction

    Liposuction removes fat from the deep layer in the skin to thin the skin. With VASER hi Def – we work in the superficial layer of skin to remove fat from the superficial layer creating etching or liposculpture. This process defines 6 packs, muscle outlines, chest packs etc to mimic the normal muscle.

    Vaser 360 can be used for 

    • 6 packs in men and women
    • Biceps/ deltoid / triceps outlining
    • Chest pack surgery
    • Abdomen muscle outline
    • Leg muscle outline
    • BBL  -Brazilian Buttock Lift

    Six Pack Abs without Gym & Diet

    6 Pack Abs / Hi-Definition

    The 6 pack surgery in India is a very common procedure to achieve natural abs. Six-pack ab liposuction highlights your abdominal muscles. This procedure is done by removing small amounts of fat from particular areas of your body. We do not use implants to define the abs. 

    This surgery removes the thin layer of fat that prevents the natural abdominal muscle definition from showing. This procedure molds and shapes your abdominal muscles to make them look more prominent. Six-pack surgery cost in India is lower than other countries. Visit Divine Cosmetic Surgery for reasonable prices.

    For people who’ve tried for years to achieve six-pack abs with diets and some exercises, the idea of six-pack abs surgery is going to work. 

    • A good overall health 
    • He/she should be a non-smoker
    • Working out for years with unsuccessful results 
    • Physically fit and have an athletic build
    • Who wants to get rid of extra fat from their body 
    • Have a healthy skin tone and elasticity.
    • Anyone who wants instant results
    Masterclass in Vaser 4D Can Do/ Can’t Do


    • Create a chiselled body
    • Create gym type look 
    • Make you more confident


    • Reduce fat from around the organs like inside abdomen
    • Cannot prevent future recurrence of fat
    • Give unrealistic expectations of weight loss

    Before & After Real Results

    Understanding Hi-Definition Liposuction surgery for six pack abs

    There are a lot of people who want six-pack abs in Delhi, most of them spend a lot of time doing exercise and drink amounts of a protein shake but don’t get desired results. 

    In a six-pack as surgery, the fat deposits around your abdominal muscles are carefully removed using small incisions.

    Under the supervision of a board-certified plastic surgeon, 6 pack abs surgery can deepen the natural muscles in your body and make them appear much more clearly.

    Fat may also be taken from the sides to narrow your midsection and create contoured abs.

    • 6 pack abs surgery is done under local or general anesthesia. The entire procedure usually takes 4-5 hours duration where proper monitoring is essential.
    • This procedure begins with a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon. Your surgeon will examine your body fat then suggest instruct you for pre-operative precautions. 
    • You’ll have to go through some medical tests before undergoing the surgery. 
    • On the day of the surgery, your surgeon will mark out the target areas. These markings are necessary to serve as guides during the surgery.
    • Then, few incisions will be made around the belly button from where the fat will be removed
    • A small metal tube known as a cannula will be inserted into the skin
    • Using a liposuction procedure, extra fat is removed along the incisions marked by your surgeon and then contoured your abs into the desired shape.
    • Then incisions will be closed and dressed. A compression garment is applied to your abdomen to heal the treated areas.

    Some other areas that too can be highlighted are –

    1. Abdominal 6 Pack
    2. Pectoral Muscles
    3. Deltoids
    4. Biceps
    5. Triceps
    6. Back Muscles
    7. Lateral Leg

    Pressure garments is a key to witness a good result. Sincere use of garments for 6-8 weeks is essential along with rest for 3-5 days is recommended. Deep tissue ultrasound massages start to take place in the initial days to reduce swelling. Normal diet can be taken and the patient is encouraged to mobilize and maintain daily course activities. Exercises, walk, gym etc can be started within 7-10 days post-procedure.

    six pack abs surgery in delhi

    Six Pack

    Success Story

    Recovery After Six Pack Abs Surgery?

    The patients can go home on the same day of the surgery and must wear a compression garment over the foam pressure dressing for a week. Then for a few weeks after removing the dressing. Most of the patients return to their work in 1-2 weeks.

    After six-pack abs in Delhi, you’ll experience minor pain and discomfort, which can be treated by medications. Some swelling, bruising, and redness around the treated areas are normal.

    As per the instructions of your surgeon you must wear the compression garment for at least 4-6 weeks. 

    Avoid vigorous exercises, heavy lifting, running, and any other activities that can affect the healing process. You can do light exercise after two weeks as instructed by your surgeon. 

    You need to maintain a healthy lifestyle after the surgery to maintain your abs.

    Final results can be achieved within six months of the six-pack abs surgery

    The risk involved in Six Pack Abs Surgery?

    Six-pack abs surgery is considered a low-risk cosmetic procedure. But some certain common risks and complications take place. 

    Some of them are: –

    • Infection
    • Skin discoloration
    • Bumpy skin 
    • Swelling
    • Fluid accumulation
    • Anesthesia bruising or headaches
    • Fever

    Other than these common side effects, you may also notice some discharge coming from the treated area. Contact your surgeon if the color is greenish or yellowish.

    Discuss the risks and compilation with your surgeon before undergoing the surgery.

    Cost of Six Pack Abs Surgery?

    The cost of 6 pack surgery in India includes the surgeon’s fees and the costs of anesthesia and the other surgical facilities. 

    In general, six-pack surgery costs in India will depend on the location, the surgeon selected, the amount of fat removed, and the exact liposuction procedure used.

    If you’re interested in six-pack abs surgery, first you need to find a board-certified plastic surgeon that reduces the chances of major risks and complications.

    In Divine Cosmetic Surgery, we provide six-pack abs surgery at very reasonable prices. You can contact us or visit our center and ask specific questions about cost, recovery time, and your desired expectations. 

    FAQ’s For Six Pack Abs Surgery

    Most people can expect to return to work within a week. You will be able to notice your 6 pack abs within six months, once you have enough time to recover.

    Full effects of your 6 pack abs sculpting procedure typically take three to six months. Abdominal surgery results are permanent as long as you maintain your weight through diet and exercise.

    Full effects of your 6 pack abs sculpting procedure typically take three to six months. Please note: Abdominal etching results are permanent as long as you maintain your weight through diet and exercise.

    6 pack surgery is subcutaneous, and it doesn’t disturb your muscle layers, so you can return to non-strenuous work the day after your procedure. Some bruising and swelling may accompany your recovery, but this is normal and most people experience very little pain

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