Breast Reduction Surgery
in India

Breast Reduction Surgery Cost Estimate

    Best Breast Reduction Surgery in India : Surgeon and Cost

    Breast Reduction Surgery
    in India

    Breast Reduction Surgery Cost Estimate

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      Breast Reduction Surgery In India

      In India, breast reduction surgery, also known as reduction mammoplasty, is a transformative procedure that prioritizes both medical and aesthetic concerns in women. This is an ideal procedure for women with disproportionately large breasts. This surgery addresses health issues like:

      • Chronic back pain
      • Neck pain
      • Shoulder pain

      It helps women get relief through the removal of excess breast tissue and reshaping the breasts to achieve a more proportionate size. Beyond the medical benefits, the surgery contributes significantly to a positive body image and heightened self-confidence.

      Highly skilled internationally trusted plastic surgeons like Dr. Amit Gupta in India use advanced techniques for breast reduction surgery, minimizing scarring while ensuring great outcomes. The procedure involves strategically placed incisions to remove excess tissue, reposition the nipple-areola complex, and reshape the breasts.

      Post-surgery, patients undergo a carefully monitored recovery period, avoiding strenuous activities and following specific care instructions. Supportive garments aid in healing and reduce postoperative swelling.

      But why should you get breast reduction in India?

      One glaring advantage of breast reduction surgery in India is its cost-effectiveness compared to many Western countries, making it accessible to a broader demographic. India boasts great plastic surgeons specializing in breast reduction procedures. The combination of medical benefits, aesthetic enhancement, cost-effectiveness, and surgical expertise positions India as an excellent destination for patients seeking breast reduction while prioritizing their overall well-being and safety.

      What Is Breast Reduction?

      Breast reduction is a plastic surgery procedure designed to provide women with smaller breasts who are either suffering from physical discomfort or aesthetic concerns associated with overly large breasts. According to different surveys, one of the primary motivations for many individuals seeking this procedure is the alleviation of chronic pain, including back, neck, and shoulder discomfort attributed to the weight of large breasts. This surgery not only addresses health issues but also contributes significantly to a positive body image and improved self-confidence.

      The procedure involves making strategic incisions to remove excess breast tissue, repositioning the nipple-areola complex, and reshaping the breasts. The recovery period post-surgery is crucial, during which patients are advised to avoid strenuous activities, and use supportive garments to aid in healing and minimize postoperative swelling.

      Beyond the physical relief, breast reduction also improves the overall confidence of the patient. Patients often experience improved body proportions, increased comfort, and a positive shift in self-perception. The affordability of the procedure, particularly in countries like India, adds another layer of accessibility, making this surgery a comprehensive solution for those seeking both physical and emotional well-being.

      Learn more about this procedure by watching this video from Dr. Amit Gupta.

      Choosing a Qualified Surgeon

      If you are looking for a plastic surgeon in India who can help you get breast reduction done at an amazing price with great results, then you should only consult Dr. Amit Gupta at Divine Cosmetic Surgery. He is a plastic surgeon with 20+ years of experience who provides amazing results to his patients.
      Dr. Amit Gupta plastic surgeon in India

      Divine Aesthetics Surgery is India’s largest growing Plastic Surgery Center- with a Vision of 50+ Plastic Surgeons on board, 500 team strength, and 10 million patients treated, 100 centers of excellence in India and globally.

      • Dr. Gupta Is amongst India’s most sought-after plastic surgeon
      • Invited Speaker in many international conferences
      • Researcher – many International Research Papers
      • A renowned expert in Hair transplant, 4D body contouring, and Breast Implant procedures

      Cost of Breast Reduction In India

      Breast reduction surgery in India offers a cost-effective solution for individuals seeking relief from physical discomfort and aesthetic concerns associated with very large breasts. The affordability of this procedure in India has made India a prominent destination for those considering breast reduction across the world.

      One of the primary factors contributing to the cost-effectiveness of breast reduction in India is the overall lower cost of living and healthcare expenses compared to many Western countries. This allows skilled and experienced plastic surgeons in India to offer their services at a more accessible price point without compromising on the quality of care or surgical expertise. On average, the cost of breast reductions in India ranges from USD 960 to USD 3007 or more.

      The total cost of breast reduction in India encompasses various elements, including:

      • Surgeon fees
      • Hospital or surgical facility charges
      • Anesthesia fees
      • Medications
      • Pre-operative tests
      • Post-operative garments

      The comprehensive nature of the cost ensures that patients receive thorough care   throughout the surgical process and recovery.

      While the cost is more affordable, it’s essential for individuals to choose experienced and board-certified plastic surgeons like Dr. Amit Gupta to ensure safety and excellent results. Many individuals from around the world find that even with travel expenses, undergoing breast reduction in India is a financially attractive option.

      Cost Of Breast Reduction In Other Countries

      Country Range (Min-Max) Average Price
      The United States USD 5,000 to USD 10,000 Get Cost
      United Kingdom USD 4,000 to USD 6,000 Get Cost
      Canada USD 5,846 and CAD 10,962 Get Cost
      Australia USD 5,204 and USD 9,758 Get Cost
      Germany & France USD 5,000 to USD 10,000 Get Cost
      Brazil USD 2,055 to USD 4,110 Get Cost

      The cost of breast reduction surgery varies significantly across countries, influenced by factors such as healthcare standards, living costs, and surgeon expertise. Let’s look at this average cost in several countries across the world.

      These figures are approximate, and actual prices can vary based on various factors including the surgeon’s reputation, facility standards, and individual patient needs. However, even looking at these average prices, it’s very obvious that breast reduction in India is done at a very affordable price while following the best medical standards.

      The Best Plastic Surgeon and Best Hospital For Breast Reduction Surgery In India

      Dr. Amit Gupta is undoubtedly the best breast reduction surgeon in India. He is a plastic surgeon with 20+ years of experience and 1000+ breast reductions performed successfully. He is also the founder, director, and head plastic surgeon at Divine Cosmetic Surgery, which is India’s most trusted plastic surgery center.

      Dr. Amit Gupta provides breast reduction to patients from across the globe at a very reasonable cost. This cost of breast reduction in India presents a unique blend of affordability and quality care. Our team provides visa assistance to international patients as well. This affordability, combined with the expertise of skilled surgeons and state-of-the-art facilities, makes Divine Cosmetic Surgery a sought-after destination for individuals seeking the physical and emotional benefits of breast reduction without breaking the bank.

      So, what are you waiting for? Schedule your first 4D consultation today!


      Yes, breast reduction surgery in India is safe when performed by a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon in a known and trusted clinic. First, make sure that the surgeon is board-certified and has good past experience.

      Breast reduction surgery in India offers many benefits, including the availability of highly skilled surgeons, a good infrastructure of medical facilities, and comparatively lower costs compared to other countries.

      Do some research for plastic surgeons who have expertise in breast reduction surgery and have a name online. Look for their qualifications, experience, patient testimonials, before-and-after photos, and official recognition.

      In the first session, the surgeon will most likely assess your medical history, and your breasts, discuss your goals, and explain the surgical procedure, potential risks, and post-operative care.

      The stay time totally depends on the type of procedure you will have and the recovery period. Most patients should plan to stay in India for at least 1-2 weeks, including pre-operative checks, surgery, and starting recovery.

      Via video conference, you can arrange a virtual consultation with Dr. Amit Gupta. To organize the specifics, get in touch with the hospital’s international patient coordinator.

      English is a very common language spoken in India, especially by medical professionals. In most clinics, fluent English is spoken by most medical professionals and staff members, which ensures swift communication, so there are indeed no barriers.

      Plan an advance trip, include your flight bookings, book your accommodations and transport or rental for going places, and secure a place near the hospital for convenience during recovery.

      Breast reduction complications are rare; they could be a little infection, bleeding, adverse reactions to anesthesia, changes in nipple sensation, scarring, or asymmetry. If you see these signs, discuss these risks with your surgeon.

      Recovery times differ depending on the kind of surgery you have; generally, most patients can continue light activities and work within 1-2 weeks, gradually increasing activity levels over several weeks. Heavy exercise and activities are not recommended for 4-6 weeks.

      Ask your surgeon to provide detailed post-operative instructions, which should include stitches care, medication management, wearing compression garments, and scheduling follow-up appointments to assess your progress and ensure optimal healing.

      Depending on your preferences and financial situation, the hospital’s international patient coordinator can help arrange appropriate accommodation, which can range from hotels to recovery suites.

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