A to Z on Mole Removal

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    Skin Tags

    This flap of skin is because of friction. It starts as a small bump in the skin. Then, it starts rubbing, there’s an escalating effect.

    What is the appearance of Skin Tags

    Small nubbins of skin hanging by a small stalk. Totally skin coloured, painless, hanging like a grape. Removal is done to prevent trauma or bleeding or cut during shaving.

    Skin Tag vs. Wart

    A rough cauliflower like, prickly growth is most likely a wart. It is non hairy, but can be painful wart is caused by a virus  and is contagious. Skin tags do not spread contagious to you or anyone else.

    Wart Treatments

    Done with RF laser. But recurrence is common due to the viral nature of the problems.

    Mole vs. Wart

    Identifying a mole vs wart is easy.  warts are skin colour, moles are brown or black. They can be hairy or non hairy.  Moles usually appear in sun-exposed areas such as the arms, face, back, and chest. These are not contagious. Both warts and moles have a broad base but the mole has a soft surface.

    Moles can get cancerous if

    Change in colour, Painful, Bleeding, Change in character

    A to Z On Mole Removal

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