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Lip Augmentation

Lip Augmentation is a procedure that uses minimally invasive surgical techniques to increase the aesthetic appeal and fullness of the lips. The treatment is exceptionally effective for people who have thin lips. Lip augmentation is a procedure that makes lips appear bigger. People with thin lips will benefit greatly from lip augmentation. This boosts a person’s facial attractiveness. The lips can be plumped using silicone implants or dermal fillers. Lip augmentation is a straightforward operation. It also takes less time to recover after the complete plan of activities has been devised. 

Divine Cosmetic implantation Delhi offers the most inexpensive and effective Lip Augmentation or Lip surgery in India. This is a significant operation, selecting an experienced surgeon for this treatment is critical. The top doctor in Delhi is Dr. Amit Gupta.


What Lip Augmentation Can Do/ Can’t Do



  • Increase the lip size
  • Makes lips more round and pouty
  • Makes lips more plumper and smoother
  • Enhance confidence


  • Alter facial shape
  • Defy aging signs
  • Always last long
  • Change skin tissue color
A-Z  about Lip Augmentation

Apart from being emotionally and physically well, anyone considering lip procedure should have appropriate expectations from the treatment.

  • Adults of any age can get lip implant.
  • Lip procedure is typically chosen by people who have naturally thin lips or have seen an age-related decline in the volume of their lips.

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People with the following conditions are not suitable candidates for lip implant:

  • Having oral herpes (cold sores)?
  • Have diabetes.?
  • Having blood clot concerns?
  • Lupus erythematosus (happens when the immune system attacks its tissues).?

Lip implant is a treatment that takes around 20-40 minutes to complete. The surgical regions are meticulously delineated to get the desired effects. Fine needles are utilized in areas where the patient wants a broader contour and a more prominent cupid’s bow. Depending on the intricacy of the process, it usually takes between 20-60 min. The lips’ region is numbed during the procedure, performed under local anesthetic.

The divine cosmetic procedure is the best place in Delhi, India, to get lip implants. The recovery period often spans between a few days and a few weeks. To avoid difficulties in the procedure region, patients must follow the surgeon’s advice for a fruitful healing process. 

Furthermore, patients should expect some discomfort and avoid taking aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs since they may conflict with the prescription medications. Patients are also recommended to refrain from applying lip cosmetics for a few days following the operation

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Though the preparation for lip augmentation is largely dependent on the type of lip augmentation treatment performed. It is recommended that the patient refrain from using any natural medications. In addition, the patient is recommended to avoid retinol, retinoids, and other similar products for a few weeks before the procedure. Similarly, waxing and bleaching should be avoided prior to the facial procedure. The patient will not be allowed to smoke or consume alcohol. The patient is also recommended to cease using aspirin, ibuprofen, and other similar medications.

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Before implantation

The surgeon frequently gives the patient pre-operative instructions to make the operation as smooth as possible. A few weeks before the procedure, patients will be recommended to discontinue the use of certain herbs, vitamins, and drugs. The surgeon may wish to do a few tests to picture the patient’s health better.

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The risk involved in Lip Augmentation?

As every cosmetic procedure has some side effects similarly lip augmentation has also potential risks. Scarring can also occur which can make the whole facial look unpleasant. Severe swelling can also happen which doesn’t go away even after a few weeks of the surgery which ultimately increases the downtime and the patient finds it difficult to come to resume his or her normal routine. Allergic reactions to anesthesia or medications can also occur. To avoid such complications later you must contact an experienced surgeon. So if you are looking for a place like ‘lip implant near me then you should contact our clinic once. That’s why we recommend you to visit our clinic which provides top-notch lip surgery or lip augmentation in Delhi under the supervision of Dr. Amit Gupta who is the cosmetic surgeon.

The risk involved in Lip Augmentation
Cost of Lip Augmentation?

The general lip implant cost in India is around Rs. 1 lakh.  The lip augmentation cost in India varies according to the place and the procedure opted to get the desired results.. If you are looking for lip augmentation in Delhi then do visit our clinic. We provide the best treatment at the most affordable lip augmentation price in India. Different procedures involve different resources for lip augmentation. The most common procedures are lip implants and lip fillers

Cost of Lip Augmentation
love your lips like never before

Success Story

Lip Shaping

Lip fillers can enlarge and reshape lips. Various types of shapes can be achieved, and complete lip rejuvenation can be done with combination of fillers and baby botox around the lips.

Feature of fillers

  • Temporary – 6 to 9 months
  • Can be placed anywhere including philtrum, cupids bow  to shape the lips 
  • Generally complication free
  • Takes 15 to 20 minutes to perform
  • Duck lips can be avoided by careful lip assessment and correct use of product

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Duck Lips - Who is at risk and how to avoid

What is Duck lips?

Large, over projected lips, not fitting with the lower lips, and inability to move the lips normally on talking or smiling giving a very fake appearance

Patient Factors 

  • Thin lips
  • Over expectations
  • Not waiting for the swelling to settle down

Surgeon Factors

  • Inexperience
  • Overzealousness
  • Over filling
  • Not understanding various filler properties

Filler Related Factors

  • Wrong product use

What are the Various Lip Shapes


Lips can be shaped as per the need and shape desired in most of you Just be clear of what you want

The Process
  • Planning the desired shape
  • Choosing the best product ( Juvederm Ultra , Galderma Kiss. Juvederm Ultra plus
  • Applying local anesthesia creme – wit 20 minutes
  • Enhance the cupids bow and major landmarks on the lips
  • Review after 7 days to apply touch ups
Lip Filler Journey
Complications of Fillers
  1. Like any other face filler, lip filler can cause tissue necrosis, anaphylaxis, rarely blindness
  2. Specific problems can be , asymmetry, bruising on the lips, duck lips
Transformation Journey

FAQ’s For Lip Augmentation

Apart from being emotionally and physically well, anyone considering lip procedure should have appropriate expectations from the treatment.

People with the following conditions are not suitable candidates for lip procedure: having oral herpes (cold sores), diabetes, blood clot concerns, Lupus erythematosus (happens when the immune system attacks its tissues).

The following are a few of the dangers or problems associated with Lip Augmentation:

– Lips that swell

– Tissue degeneration

– Allergies to the filling ingredient – Inconsistent filling – Itching and leaking around the lips


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