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Hair Loss For Men

Hair loss in men stands for thinning of hair density or patchiness on the head. There can be various reasons behind hair loss in men like unhealthy lifestyles, aging, hormonal change, genetics, etc. Male pattern baldness is also known as alopecia. Hair transplantation is the only solution to cure hair loss in men

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Hair Loss For Women

Female pattern baldness or hair loss for women is caused by genetics or due to family history. Hair loss in women has also other reasons like lack of nutrients, aging, hormonal changes, etc. Women are more likely to have hair loss between the age of 12 to 40 years.

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Hair Transplant

Many people suffer from hair loss due to various reasons. A hair transplant is a solution for such people. In a hair transplant, the surgeon takes hair follicles from one part of the head and spreads them to the parts where hair density is low.

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Hairline Reconstruction

It is a surgical procedure in which people can opt to alter the shape of their hairline. The hairline is the most visible frontal part of the face. It also affects the shape of the face. You can alter the hairline through this surgery depending upon your preference, pre-operative hairline height, and scalp laxity.

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Failed Hair Transplant Repair

Under this procedure, we rectify the badly done hair transplant from previous surgeries. Any damaged hair transplant results can be corrected by this procedure to provide you nice and perfect hair transplant results.

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Unshaven & Long Hair Transplantation

Long hair transplantation involves the transplantation of hair follicles without trimming or cutting them. It provides instant fuller hair results. This is an ideal hair transplant technique for people who don’t want to make their hair transplantation procedure obvious.

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Moustache & Beard Hair Reconstruction

Moustache and beard add to the good-looking appearance of any man. Through our mustache and beard hair reconstruction, you can get the perfect shape and density of mustache and beard according to your preference.

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Eyebrow Reconstruction

A nice eyebrow shape enhances the facial features to look more attractive. Eyebrow reconstruction is a cosmetic procedure in which hair grafts are transplanted to your brow area to alter its shape and density. Through the eyebrow reconstruction procedure, you can get the desired eyebrow shape which compliments your face and makes it look more attractive.

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Body Hair Transplant

In this procedure, hair follicles from different body parts are transferred to the scalp region. It helps in curing the cases of intense cases of baldness. It is also helpful for people who have a poor density of hair follicles in donor areas.

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  • 15 assistants hand trained and specialized with certification ( do check with other cinics f their assistants are certified
  • Trained in Brazil under DR Carlos Uebel – the father of Modern Hair transplant surgery
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  • Only centre in India that does LONG HAIR TRANSPLANT
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    The final appearance of hair transplant results depends upon the individual. In some patients, the final results show up after 6 to 9 months of the surgery. In some patients, it can take a bit longer.

    Yes. Hair transplant surgery is the most effective and safe solution to cure hair loss in men and women. Under this procedure, the hair follicles are transferred from the donor region[with higher density to the recipient region.

    Hair transplant surgery is a safe and highly successful procedure. The hair transplant success rate is around 95-99% in Divine. and if you opt for a well-experienced board-certified plastic surgeon then, the results become better. That’s why we recommend you visit Divine Cosmetic Surgery to get the best hair transplant surgery in India.

    Interested to know about other plastic surgeries?
    Revolutionary MMFT (FUT+FUE combination) Technique
    By Dr. Amit Gupta

    Micro Refined microfollicular hair transplant (MMFT) is the most advanced hair restoration technique available today. Micro Follicle Hair Implant is a revolutionary procedure that changed the entire aspect of hair restoration across the world. The MMFT procedure using direct implant instruments is completely quick and painless and gives natural results. The procedure does not demand removing any part of the scalp. Hair transplant surgery, incisions, donor site, etc. are not required for MMFT. MMFT procedure is all about carefully extracting individual follicles from the donor area and implanting it on the recipient area in the most appreciative way. Within a few months, the implanted hair will grow and look completely natural. MMFT is considered to be the latest procedure after FUT and FUE.

    • The MMFT hair treatment offers you the latest scarless technology
    • You have a limited donor area
    • You feel very anxious and want a confidence boost
    • You are tired of people’s advice to go for this treatment or that

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