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Types of Genital Rejuvenation services


Vagina Tightening

You had a child birth and your sex life collapsed. Your partner complains that there is no feeling left during sex. Its too loose. Don’t be depressed

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Designer Vagina

Does a sexy looking vagina appeal to you or your partner. Do you think this will spice up your sex life. If yes. You need this..

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Labia Plasty

Do you know that 79% women found their sex life improved after labiaplasty. That extra hanging labia needs a bit of a trim.

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O Shot & G Shot

You never knew orgasms can be explosive. we promise you will feel a volcano inside you.

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Clitoris Piercing

A clitoris piercing is a female genital piercing placed directly through the head of the clitoris itself.

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Hymen Surgery (Hymenoplasty)

The hymen is the layer of tissue that covers the vaginal opening behind the labial folds. Many women want to reconstruct their hymen.

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    Female rejuvenation is a collective term to cover a lot of procedures under one umbrella. You can treat sagging of vaginal walls, loosening of vaginal skin due to aging or childbirth, prominent labial folds, etc.

    Yes, female rejuvenation has permanent results. But this procedure doesn’t block the future signs of aging. For making the results last longer, the person should follow a healthy lifestyle and routine.

    All the female rejuvenation procedures are mostly outpatient surgeries. The surgeon takes only 15 minutes to 1-hour maximum to complete the procedure. So you don’t have to worry about being in the operation room for too long.

    The outcome of results and their timing vary from woman to woman. But generally, women get their full results after the 1 or 2 weeks of the surgery. After the surgery, the patient may experience slight discomfort which also goes away till final results show.


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