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I was fed up with baldness at such a young age. Getting bald from the front side. I got my hair transplant done by Dr. Amit and had a great experience. I went through the internet many times but I did not find anyone as pleasing and promising as Dr. Amit he answered all my questions genuinely. Thank you doctor for changing my look. I would really recommend Dr. Amit Gupta to everyone.

Dr. Gupta and his team are brilliant. The whole process was made clear to me before I traveled to his clinic from London to New Delhi. The aftercare service provided to me was highly professional & throughout my journey of hair transplant I was given full care. I 100 % recommend him should you want a 100% result.

Thank you once again to Dr. Gupta and the Divine cosmetic surgery team.

Dr. Amit Gupta is truly one of the best hair specialists in the industry. His passion comes through with his process and he is always up for a challenge. if you want to work with one of the best, I recommend him. Furthermore, He is innovating the practice and refining new methods to improve the hair restoration & transplant process. He is a master at his craft and is passionate about changing lives. With so many options in the market, you can rest assured that you are in highly competent hands with this expert. You have been such a great doctor. I wish others can experience your care and expertise as a doctor.

It was good. The procedure was hassle free with no pain. Overall, A satisfied tryst. It was a hassle free one with no time at all. Quite clean and hygiene was maintained well. Although it was a minor surgery, I was very much satisfied.

Paras Nath

Just like everyone else, I was hesitant to get a hair transplant and once I decided to go with it, finding a good reliable clinic became a big problem. Even with little hesitation, I went ahead with Divine clinic (Dr. Amit Gupta) and I can safely say that it was a good choice.

Dr. Amit Gupta is Very experienced, polite, and honest. He told me what to expect and the results are exactly as that.
Consultation staff: Very polite and professional. They followed up at regular intervals.
Rest of the tech staff: Very professional and polite. Found all of them experienced.
Overall Very satisfied with the results and I do recommend it.

Kavita Sharma

I am really very happy and satisfied with the liposuction surgery done by Doctor Amit Gupta. Now I look much younger and my self-confidence has been boosted a lot.

The team of Divine Cosmetic Surgery is very well trained, and responsible, the response is very quick and the overall experience of surgery was very good.

Devesh Nagar

I am really very happy and satisfied with my hair transplant done by Doctor Amit Gupta.
I had a very good experience with Dr. Amit he is very nice & experienced …. He consults to the point and explained what exactly result I should expect….. and the result is the same as what he said 🙂.
Divine staff is very nice and polite, they followed up regularly for PRP, etc.

In the end, I am satisfied with the Result and will recommend Divine!!!!

Kaushal Singh

I got my hair transplant done 10 months back under the supervision of Dr. Amit Gupta, the result is good in fact more than what I had expected. It was a smooth surgery and after a week life was back to normal. I would recommend Dr. Gupta anytime

Bunty Lal

I got my gynecomastia surgery done by Divine Cosmetic Surgery. I must say it’s safe and effective.
Dr. Amit and his team are great.
Very polite in nature.
For surgery, Divine Cosmetic Surgery is the best place in Delhi.
Post Surgery results are also good.
I am happy to get it done from here…
All thanks to Dr. Amit and his full divine team.

Random T-Series

I had a gynecomastia problem and I was not comfortable wearing the T-shirt. So, someone suggested the “The Divine Cosmetic” hospital then I visited and went through the treatment process after that I get a marvelous result. Also, their staff was very polite and helpful.

Sambhav Jain

If you wish to get your procedure done in the safest hands, then this is your stop. Dr. Amit is the humblest & most understanding of all surgeons, and not to mention, highly skilled. Both Pre & Post Surgery care is excellent as well. Dr. Amit visits the patients at the earliest after surgery to check up on them and to make sure that they’re comfortable.

Raj Choudhary

The best place for all kinds of hair treatment. One can go blindly without a single doubt. Thank you, Dr. Amit Gupta, Deepti’s mam, and the team. After treatment services are also best special thanks to Satpal Ji.

Lalit Khatri

I had a gynecomastia problem I can’t wear the t-shirt I had to consult with Dr. Amit he explained everything and had surgery now 5 months done my CHEST looks normal thank, Dr. Amit

Samridh Choudhary

Highly skilled Divine Cosmetic Surgery team with all-rounder facilities that are capable of giving you the results you desire. Had my gynecomastia surgery 3 months back and I am Fully satisfied with the results now I am grinding in the gym to achieve my perfect physique 💪.

Aayush Bhandari

Dr. Amit’s experience and knowledge are more than enough to choose the Divine for anything. The staff here is so humble and polite. Such a friendly environment. The coordination and the best part is everything is done so perfectly and good hygiene is maintained too, the ambiance here is so good. Overall wonderful experience.

Shreyansh Upadhyay

I got a hair transplant at the Divine Cosmetic Surgery Clinic and the result is fabulous. I’ll suggest visiting the clinic if anyone has any queries, the doctor and the staff are very supportive and will clarify all your doubts.

Sarthak Dhingra

To everyone who is actually suffering from hair loss, Divine Cosmetic Surgery will prove to be the only cure would want in life.
Got my hair transplant in Delhi done almost 2 years back and am very happy with the results.
Regular PRPs will ensure you keep all the hair you got transplanted and maintain your look.
Best staff and surgeons

Umesh Kumar

I have done my hair transplant from Divine clinic in May 2021 and I am very very satisfied with the results. My look is totally restored and I feel much more confident. Thank you Dr. Amit Gupta sir for doing such a great job. Also special thanks to Satpal Ji for always following up and helping.

Yuvraj Barman

Best place for any kind of cosmetic surgery at least in India. Dr. Amit clearly knows what he is doing and his knowledge and skill are highly up-to-date. Great clinic and good behavior by its staff. Complete faith in Dr. Amit and his Divine clinic. Highly recommend it to all looking for any kind of cosmetic procedure. 🙂

Nishant Arora

I had my Hair transplant from Divine. Best place and highly recommend it.
Special thanks to Dr. Amit as I’m happy with the hair transplant results.

Barun Singh

I had done a hair transplant one year before from here and took 4 PRP sessions and the result is very good after one year. They have an experienced team for same who takes care of everything before and after the surgery. They provide regular follow-ups in order to make sure everything is fine post-surgery.🙂

Ankit Jindal

Polite staff, value for money prices !! Hair thinning reduced after 2 PRP sessions. Keep up the good work!!

Raman Chawla

Dr. Amit Gupta is a very talented surgeon in his field. My overall experience with Dr.Amit and his team have been very good. I got my hair transplant surgery done by him. he is really talented, and experienced and takes full responsibility for each and every client. The staff is quite friendly and cooperative. and got the best-desired results.🙂

Vasu Sharma

Really Very Good, A big thanks to Dr. Amit and his full Divine team for changing my life.

Zenn Khan

I have done my surgery in this clinic in the year 2019. Dr. Amit Gupta Done my Gyno 2nd Stage surgery and after that, on the very same day, the undersigned was discharged from the hospital and recovered in 1-2 months. Later on 2 years of consistency and patience, I lose 20 Kg of fat with proper nutrition and make my physic look good in every clothes. Thanks, If you have a disease like Gyno then you can go at the same.🙂

Chandra Mishra

I got my gynecomastia surgery done in October and today after 3 months I am very fine. there was no pain and nothing, just minimal pain for the initial 4 days and then everything was okay. I had grade 3 gynecomastia which is gone now. wearing a pressure garment is a must for the initial 30 days, 15 hours each day. I am so happy now. thanks to Gupta Ji and all his team. Satpal sir guided me on how to take care of after surgery. I was totally in touch with Satpal sir after the surgery. everything was awesome. Thanks to Divine Cosmetic Surgery and especially to Dr. Amit Gupta and Satpal sir. Thanks a lot to the whole staff. love you all…

Rahul Rajput

I got a hair transplant In June 2021. 8 months I got good density and natural hair line and proper PRP appointment and follow-up with sir And a friendly environment thanx Satpal Ji for reminding me of my appointment and Dr. Amit Gupta for the satisfactory result🙂

Rohit Dhingra

Really nice and professional staff. Dr. Amit has always been very genuine and straightforward when it comes to consulting.
He and his team did my surgery and the results are great.
I still visit for Pro sessions.
Navin, Satpal, and all of the team members are really good.

S k P

I got my hair transplant done by Dr. Amit Gupta it’s been 5 months results now are fantastic and the staff in the clinic is very helpful, particularly Mr. Satpal.🙂

Shekhar Kumar

I had my gynecomastia surgery done by Dr. Amit. The results are awesome. The OT and accommodation were really nice. The post-surgery follow-up is astounding, Mr. Satpal is very polite and understanding. As a patient, I had a lot of questions that he answered and resolved. I may be among the .1% of patients who wanted a minute correction post op which was done without any cost. Thank you, Dr. Amit, Dr. Vikram, and Satpal Sir. My chest looks absolutely natural and no one can say that it has been operated on. There is literally no visible scar. Thanks, Divine Cosmetic.

Shashank Kirar

I got my hair transplant from Dr. Amit Gupta… It’s been 10 months and I am actually satisfied with my transplant… No fake promise… The money I invest was not wasted… The staff here were very helpful specially Mr. Satpal as he was very polite and helpful, whenever I have some issues after my surgery or whenever I get PRP he was ready to help and clear all my doubts. follow up after my surgery was also there so it’s not like you just paid the amount and surgery was done and then you are on your own… So to sum this up…I am very satisfied and its also within my budget🙂

Ankit Jindal

Polite staff, value for money prices !! Hair thinning reduced after 2 PRP sessions. Keep up the good work!!

Yash vats

Wow, it was amazing
Hey, I’m Viplav from Delhi, I really had a wonderful experience with Dr. Amit Gupta, he had done my hair transplant last year. The results are amazing, today I’m feeling so confident with my hair. Thank you so much to Dr. Amit and his team for the wonderful job done and special thanks to Mr. Satpal to get in touch with me all the time even after my process for feedback and useful advice given him.🙂

Somesh Tripathi

Very comfortable experience with Dr. Amit Gupta and the team. Overall experience was very good.

Rahul Kalsi

This place is best for gyno surgery. I researched for 4 years before getting the right doctor and Dr. Amit is best for this. It’s been 4 months now post-surgery and the results are amazing. Negligible marks and expectations met 💯🙂

Vishal Gupta

I have done my hair transplant surgery by Dr. Amit Gupta. I got amazing results from transplantation. I also recommend many friends for surgery and good post-care. Thanx sir Ji for making me young and having good looks.😃

Nikhil Mittal

It’s almost 10 days after surgery, I’m writing this to thank Dr and Staff for caring like a family member. I have been to many hospitals for some other reason but never seen such kind and caring staff… …More.

Sunny Tushir

I got my hair transplant done by Dr. Amit and I am very happy and satisfied with the result. Follow-up and services are much appreciated 👍🏻

Rakesh Yadav

I got a hair transplant from Divine twice long hair transplant as well and the results were amazing I also had a second hair transplant with a very fast recovery and marvelous results. Very professional.👍🏻

Pulkit Chopra

Best Hair transplant surgery. Totally loved my results.
Thank you, Dr. Amit and team for providing me with such a fine result .👍🏻

Shivam Kashyap

I am Shivam from Delhi, I have done my gynecomastia surgery by Dr. Amit Gupta. He is a great surgeon, his surgical skills are very good, even the staff and hospitality provided by the staff are too good. Happily satisfied customer of Dr. Amit Gupta. He provides me with a new life and helps to regain my self-confidence. Thank you so much, sir👍🏻

Avni Sharma

I had a great experience at Divine. Dr. Amit Gupta and his team are really good.


Really happy with the results so far it’s been 6 months post-surgery done by Dr. Amit. My hair is still growing, hopefully, the end result will be amazing after the end of 9 months.

Vishesh Agarwal

I had hair transplant surgery before 10month and my hair line is good now I got good results as Amit Gupta promised.
Thanks Dr. Amit Gupta


In June 2020, I had a wonderful experience with HT Surgery with Dr.Amit and Divine. Amidst the Covid situation, Divine cosmetic assured me of the safest execution of surgery. Dr.Amit Sir himself did my surgical procedure. His expertise, generosity, and way of understanding a patient’s feelings are truly amazing. The Divine team smoothly conducted my subsequent PRP procedures (Thanks to Satpal Sir for his kind behavior and coordination). Now, 10 months after the surgery,I have achieved complete growth of my transplanted hair. I take this opportunity to thank Dr.Amit and the Divine team to help rejuvenate my youthful experience and self-confidence.
Thanks, Dr. Amit from the bottom of my heart.

Aman Aryan

I got a hair transplant 5 months back… According to 5 months, I am satisfied with the result and Mr. Satpal is insured for my scheduled PRP and follow-up. Thanks, Amit sir

Shashank Sharma

I had a great experience with Divine Cosmetic surgery. They are truly professional. The results are excellent. Thank you so much, Mr. Amit Gupta & team..Special thanks to Mr. Satpal for coordinating everything so well.

Neha Tarun

I was facing a hair fall problem for the last six months my friend suggest I consult for hair fall My friend suggest me Dr. Amit Gupta who is very experienced in their profession suggest me some advance PRP about GFC after one session, my hair fall completely stops and my hair becomes very thick and strong .thanx sir nice environment and friendly staff.

Notices Company

I got a hair transplant done almost 8 months back and I’m very happy with the result now. My hairline has been restored and the scar on the back has almost disappeared

Deepkant Pal

Thanks, doctor Sahib. I was very sad before gynecomastia surgery, one of my friends told me about you he has already got done his gynecomastia surgery with you. When I contacted you, I have done my online consultation and booked my surgery. There was no doubt in my mind because he was very satisfied with you and now I am very very happy with you thanks to doctor Amit Gupta.

Priyanka Kushwaha

I had the most amazing experience with Dr. Amit Gupta at Divine Cosmetic Surgery. All staffs are polite, generous and very helpful. Surely must visit the clinic once in a lifetime.


I got my hair transplant at Divine surgery a few months back and honestly, I got some really good results from it. So thank you so much Dr. Amit and his team for your efforts…

Himanshu pal

Thanks, doctor Amit Gupta jee. You gave me a wonderful life After my Gynaecomastia surgery was done. I was in depression before the surgery and I used to think that is there any solution for Gynaecomastia. One day I was watching Dr. Amit’s video on YouTube. And I contacted his team. Dr. Amit’s team is very Very helpful. Special thanks to Mr. Satpal jee

Ashwin Nambiar

I was very impressed by the quality and care that was provided to me at Divine. Dr Amit Gupta is a fine surgeon and looks after his patients very well. I would highly recommend his services to people looking for a hair transplant here in Delhi.

Vipin Kumar

Dr. Amit is the best Doctor for Gyno surgery, it’s my personal experience shared with you that after Gyno surgery my chest is looking to owe some. Now I feel very confident wearing dry-fit t-shirts thank you Amit sir

Anil Kumar Tiwari

1 month ago I had gynecomastia surgery on 31 Dec 2020. my experience was good.
Divine cosmetics surgery provides excellent facilities for gyno surgeries. All the doctors are very experienced. I got a very good result after the gyno surgery. Not only doctors are good but what I like the most is the cooperation I got from Satpal ji.

Gaurav Dhanger

I have done my hair transplant from Divine cosmetic surgery center I got great results and a proper follow from Satpal Ji, Thanx Amit sir for giving me young look.

Sandeep Sharma

One year complete for my hair transplant great result for my hair transplant thanx doctor Amit Gupta

Abhishek Sharma

I feel extremely lucky to have had my hair transplant by Dr. Amit Gupta, and I won’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone that may be interested in any procedure that Dr. Gupta conducts. Professionally competent, courteous, and helpful. Made me feel better about my appearance.

Meenakshi Shukla

I was so nervous at first and had many doubts, but after meeting him I felt so comfortable and confident about my decision… No doubt He’s the best doctor I ever met and also very friendly by nature, thanks a lot Dr. Amit for the amazing transformation.

Pooja Vdjdk

My experience with Divine Cosmetics was great. Dr. Amit changed my life. Thank you so much to Dr. Amit and his entire team.
my follow-up was also the best

Sahil Khan

I am very with the hair transplant from Divine. This is the best experience in my life. After the transplant, I totally change, and now I am very confident, happy, and full of joy.

Thank you so much, Divine.

Garima Singh

I was facing a hair fall problem Dr. Amit Gupta suggest me the advance PRP which is GFC and I got an amazing change in my hair fall and my hairs also become thick very result-oriented treatment and a friendly environment thanks, Sir.


I had a hair transplant 6 months back at Dr. Gupta’s Divine cosmetic center. I am very satisfied with the results. The treatment for hair fall is also effective. I’m impressed with the professionalism 🙂

Aman Kumar

I am quite happy with the results that I got by this hair transplant in a year. It is remarkable to see the hair again. I will definitely recommend this place for a great hair transplant

Surendra Kapoor

Dr. Amit Gupta of Divine Cosmetic surgery is a life changer for me. He did my hair transplant and made me look 10 years younger and more confident with the perfect natural hairline. He as a plastic surgeon ensures safety and results as a priority while doing the hair transplant.

Ankur Kumar

I was suffering from gyno. Then I consulted to dr. Amit Kumar Gupta team. He called me to Delhi for an operation. Sir and his team have done my operation very smoothly. Amit sir team have coperate me . Now I am feeling very good about this operation. I became confident and happy wearing a t-shirt. Thanks to Amit sir’s team.

Nishank Chaudhary

I’ve visited this clinic for the last six months, taking the same six PRP sessions, and these sessions happened fruitful to me and helped me resolve hair fall issues.

Alisha Sethi

I was suffering from acute hair fall due to lots of antibiotics that I had to take for surgery that I underwent several years back. I visited several clinics that promise to regrow my hair but only gave me tonics and medicines. But no fruitful outcome. I hunted for the perfect clinics for several months. One of my husband’s colleagues who had undergone a hair transplant to cure his baldness recommended me to Dr. Amit Gupta. At first, I was apprehensive about visiting him for fear of the same false hope. I consulted him and told him my case. One thing that I liked was that he did not give me false hope. Told me what could be done and what could not be done upfront. I am extremely happy with the results now…..

Satya Prakash Vishwakarma

Dr. Amit Gupta of divine Cosmetics is an expert in hair transplants. He did my hair transplant and changed my life and make me confident with the perfect natural hairline. He as a plastic surgeon ensures safety and results as a priority while doing the hair transplant.

Ankit Mehta M

My hair transplant.
I am blessed that you came into my life you changed my look and you give me more confidence than I’ve Been earlier. In a span of seven months after the procedure, my look has changed. You treated me as a friend more than a doctor and patient relation. your team is such friendly and highly skilled. Thank you so much Dr Amit God bless you all your wishes come true.

Anupama Jagannath

I was going through hair loss and was getting very much concerned with this problem, then my friend told me about hair transplant surgery by Divine Cosmetic. I am glad that I consulted him and got the surgery done. Will recommend Divine Cosmetics to everyone.

Bharat Bhushan

Dr. Amit Gupta is a great doctor. He is very polite, humble, and a master at his job.
One of my close friends got operated on him for a Gynecomastia problem one month back only. Now, he is absolutely perfect looking and full of confidence.

* A big thanks to all staff members of Divine Aesthetics for their follow-ups and support.
* Special thanks to dear Naveen Ji who guided us and supported us so well that we / my friend had no doubt in our minds and went for it. …. Great Team altogether under the leadership of Dr. Amit Gupta.
God Bless.

Gil Garcia

I had a Gynocamastia procedure done and it went well. No complaints…
Dr. Amit and his assistant Deepak made the whole experience very easy.
The doctor did his part and Deepak his assistant saw that I needed nothing before and after the surgery. As an American, I would recommend Dr. Amit Gupta to any other American looking to get any medical procedure done under his umbrella. Very professional…

Karan Singh Rawat

I was fed up with baldness at such a young age. Getting bald from the front side. I got my hair transplant done by Dr. Amit Gupta and had a great experience. I went through the internet many times but I didn’t find anyone as pleasing and promising as Dr. Amit he answered all my questions genuinely. Thank you doctor for changing my look. I would really recommend Dr. Amit Gupta to everyone everyone

Bharat Ruhil

I got 6 packs of chest surgery from Dr. Amit Gupta of Divine Cosmetic Surgery. He gave me the perfect sculpted chest and abs I always wanted. He is the best plastic surgeon in Delhi. His team took great follow-ups after the surgery. I am very happy

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