Do you want a youthful and appealing face?

Enhance and Rejuvenate the Facial Features

  • Look beautiful and handsome
  • Get wrinkle-free face
  • Amplify your self-confidence

We all love to look beautiful and handsome and if you would get the chance to change one of the features in your face, you are gifted. Yes, it is now possible to alter the chin to lift your face showing it more appealing. 

Facelift is a kind of surgery that involves lifting of the face or neck by improving the visual signs of aging. With different types of facelift, it is important to consult the surgeon before you fix the kind of facelift that suits you.


What exactly is facelift surgery?

The face lift surgery is also termed as rhytidectomy, and thus the ultimate goal of this procedure is to give the patient a youthful appearance. The procedure involves reshaping the lower part of the face by eliminating the excess skin. 

Rhytidectomy is a procedure that tightens the skin under the face or lower part of the face, which is loose, hanging and so is now termed as jowls. Further, the procedure is performed to remove excess skin and fat near the chin and neck.

What Facelift Surgery Can Do/ Can’t Do


  • Give a youthful appearance to the face.
  • Remove jowls.
  • Improve face contour.
  • Enhance confidence.


  • Stop future aging.
  • Alter face shape.
Before & After Real Results

Difference between face lift and mini face lift

Face liftMini face lift
IncisionIncision from hair line along the ear to just behind the earSmaller incision , usually in front of ear only
ProcedureRemoval of extra skin , SMAS tightening, fat injection etcRemoval of extra skin
Effective for 0-12 years1.5 - 3 years
Duration of surgery3 to 4 hours1 hour
ComplicationsNerve injury , hematoma, skin damageMuch safer, no chance of nerve injury, hematoma may occur. Much safer in smokers
Age rangeUsually 45+Can be done for less than 40 years as well
Types of face lift procedures
Mini face liftConventional face liftShort scar face lift
Incision Small incision, from top of ear to lobuleLong incision - from temple along hair line to behind the ear, and then behind along the back of the scalpTop of the ear, with a u loop within the hair line, to along the ear, back along the lobule and in the posterior ear crease
procedureNeck liposuction, Skin incision, Excision of extra skin, Skin suturesNeck liposuction, Skin incision,SMAS tightening, Lifting of eyebrows, Excision of extra skin, Skin suturesNeck liposuction, Skin incision, SMAS tightening, Excision of extra skin, Skin sutures
Work on SMASNoyesyes
Age range35 to 5050 - 7545- 75
Longevity of resultFew yearsVery longVery long
Areas worked onJust side of face, bit on cheeks, for early jowlesMidface, neck, temples, eyebrows, jowles, undereyesMidface, neck, jowles, undereyes
RecoveryVery fast, few days of swellingLong, can take 3 to 4 weeks of swelling7 to 10 days of swelling
Surgery time1 hour4 hours2.5 hours
AnesthesiaEasily done in LALA + sedationLA + sedation
Difference between MACS lift and Short Scar Face Lift
IncisionLong incision, like a conventional technique. Trichophytic technique along hair line to hide the hairline scar. Posteriorly does not go along back hair lineTop of the ear, with a u loop within the hair line, to along the ear, back along the lobule and in the posterior ear crease
Direction of pullvertical45 to 60 degrees pull
SMAS workYesYes
Main strengthVery high level of pullMore natural direction of pull, Faster recovery
Procedure for Face lift
  • Large experience of 25+ years , precise, skilled surgery – faster recovery, better aesthetics, higher patient satisfaction
  • Team of 3 Plastic Surgeons – combined planning, intra-operative step management – precise planning, faster procedure, lowest complication percentage
  • Team of 3 Plastic Surgeons – combined planning, intra-operative step management – precise planning, faster procedure, lowest complication percentage
  • Advanced level of instrumentation – customised instruments , blade holders – more control during surgery, each step is better controlled
  • Well tested and most modern techniques – use of VASER for face liposuction adds a new dimension to body contouring ,our techniques for buccal fat surgery takes less than 1 minute to perform, very early healing and recovery

What technique we follow in Face lift

We use a combination of MACS with short scar technique. Why ?

  • Fast recovery
  • We use the 1st MACS loop to really pull up the jowles
  • We don’t extend incision to the temples, reduce recovery and swelling period.
  • We do fat injection to give fullness in cheek area
  • In short scar technique we put multiple random sutures on SMAS to achieve maximum pull
  • Neck liposuction and no incision on neck
  • No drains
  • Allows discharge in a few hours of the procedure
  • Technical Details- Patient has to stop smoking for at least 1 week prior, and for 1 week afterBP has to be controlled at all timesNo blood thinners at all
  • Anesthesia – Local + sedation or General anesthesia, can be done in Local anesthesia ( need a very cooperative patient)
  • Duration –2 to 3 hours

What is done?

  • Local anesthesia injection into face and neck and along the incision line
  • Skin incision
  • Neck liposuction
  • Tightening of SMAS
  • Excision of excess skin, no need to pull to remove extra skin.
  • Sutures with 5.0 Nylon
  • If Blepharoplasty is planned, it can be added on
  • Recovery from anesthesia GA – 1 hour, LA + sedation- 30 minutes , LA – immediate
  • Observation time – 1-2 hours
  • Liquids / food starts starts – in 4 to 5 hours


  • Cold compression is recommended immediately after for 2 days, every 1 hour
  • 1st day – walking, bathing.
  • Majority of the swelling takes 1 week to settle , rest of it can take 3 to 4 weeks
  • No hot liquids or hot solids for 2 days
  • 7th day – travel, shopping, walking outside
  • 3 weeks – – sexual activity, gym, sports

Body shape –Final shape can take 3-6 months

Potential problems 

  • Seromas – heal with cold compressionn
  • Bleeding – rare- can be controlled with exploration and drainage
  • Infection – rare- treat with open drainage

In many patients Pinch Blepharpolasty is Needed

On lifting the skin sometimes, some skin accumulated under the lower eyelid. in this situation, jsut the extra skin is removed. the extra skin to be removed is assessed with a pinch, hence it is called the pinch blepharoplasty. the skin incision is closed with 5.0 nylon, and stiches are removed after 5 days

Understanding Facelift Surgery

It’s also vital to have a full body check-up to see if the patient is a good candidate for surgery. It’s also crucial to dispel any preconceived notions regarding the procedure. To avoid any future mishaps, you should also consume any over-the-counter remedies. If you’re taking aspirin, you should stop taking it right away. It is also critical to stop smoking and drinking alcohol before surgery. This might lead to difficulties during the rehabilitation process.

Once after the procedure, you will be sent home with the dressings and the procedure might get a week or two to heal. If the sutures are not absorbable then you might have to meet the doctor to get them removed. You might expect some bruising and swelling and so you are advised not to take any intense workouts or any adverse reactions.

Let us shed some light on the negative effects of this cosmetic surgery, since they are the same as those of any other cosmetic operation. The surgery has no long-term repercussions. Aging and gravity might have an impact on the consequences. The patient may have numbness around the surgical region as a result of nerve injury. Skin discoloration may also develop as a result of the procedure. An allergic response to prescription drugs might also develop in certain people. Some individuals might have extended scarring following surgery, which is undesirable and can make the overall appearance appear unappealing. Prolonged swelling is also a possibility.

Non – Surgical Facelift

It is now possible to get this facelift done using the non-surgical procedure and the most popular non-surgical facelift include:

  • Laser skin resurfacing
  • Forma
  • Renuvion
  • Ultherapy
  • RF micro-needling
  • Derma fillers
  • Botox
  • Fat injection
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Cost of Facelift Surgery

The average cost of facelift surgery varies according to various factors. The cost is determined by factors like the procedures taken along with the facelift surgery or the experience of the surgeon.

Still, if we determine the facelift surgery cost in Delhi it estimates around Rs. 1,50,000 to Rs. 2,50,000. The facelift cost in Delhi also varies according to the above-mentioned factors. If you are planning to undergo facelift surgery in Delhi then we recommend you to visit our clinic once. We provide top-notch cosmetic treatment at affordable prices.

Cost of the mini facelift surgery

The general cost of the procedure ranges around 1 to 2 laks. The cost of the same might vary based on several factors.

Choosing the right cosmetic surgeon for the procedure

The procedure is quite complex as it requires the best surgeon who knows about facial anatomy. Not all cosmetic surgeons can do facelift surgery and thus you need to do some homework in choosing the doctor. Here are some of the tips and things you need to consider before choosing the doctor:

  • When consulting a potential surgeon, ensure to know if he is trained and has better experience in handling such procedures previously
  • Ask for the surgery photos that the surgeon might have done before which might give you an idea of the surgery is a successful one and satisfies you. 
  • Ensure that the surgeon has an accredited certificate and he is performing the procedure in the best hospital where there is enough equipment.

Surgical vs Non Surgical techniques for Face Anti-ageing and Face Lifting

Surgical Face LiftNon-Surgical Face Lift
TechniqueFace LIFT/ MACS Lift/ miniface lift,buccal fat surgeryThread lift, HIFU, botox, fillers
ResultMore aggressive, more radical changesSubtle, softer, about 30% as effective as Surgery
Longevity of resutlMuch longerTemporary, 6 to 12 months
RecoveryDefinite down time, 1 to 3 weeksZero downtime, back to normal activity immediately post treatment

FAQ’s For Facelift Surgery

If you are a candidate who has the issue of the face and neckline beginning to droop or sag, then you are the right candidate to get this procedure done. But again, your skin should have elasticity and have defined bone structure.

The surgery is an invasive procedure and it lasts for around 2 – 4 hours. The patient is recommended to get back home on the same day.

Usually, women can cover these scars with hair or a kind of camouflage makeup on the advice of the surgeon. As the years go, these incisions and stitches might fade.

The recovery time is again based on the health of the individual and for the normal person, the recovery time will usually be 4-6 weeks and it is recommended to reduce the sun time for a few months after the surgery.

The procedure lasts for around 8-10 years and as the procedure is quite easy and less complex, patients get this done repeatedly down the age.


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