What is Breast Augmentation(Enlargement)?

Breast enhancement surgery in Delhi is a 19-35 minutes procedure designed to increase the breast shape and size to add fullness that enhances the overall appearance of a woman. The surgery is done by a board-certified plastic surgeon by placing silicone implants in the subfascial space behind the breast tissue. These implants are soft, guaranteed for life and give a natural look and feel to the breasts. Choose Divine Cosmetic Surgery for the best breast implant in Delhi.

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    The Differences Between Silicone Implant and Own Body Fat for Breast Enlargement

    ProcedureFat taken from some body art and injected into breastSpace made in breast and implant inserted
    Time 65-75 minutes19-25 minutes
    Return to home5 to 6 hours3 to 4 hours
    Return to office3 to 4 days2 days
    Return to gym / sports7 days7 days
    Size increasesmallAlmost any size
    Repeat procedureyesno
    Patient profileThin patients cannot doAnyone can do
    Side effects/ problemsFat cyst / infection/ prolonged paininfection/ bleeding / scar
    scarVirtually scarlessHas scar under breast

    Are you a better candidate for Fat or Silicone Implant.
    The Ideal candidate for

    Fat Injection is
    • Average to medium body type
    • Doing liposuction to contour body
    • Using that fat to improve breast
    • Not too keen on a large breast
    • Wants no Scars
    • Just wants a more firm skin
    • Might opt for implant later, today fat
    • Her focus is body contouring, breast Is bonus.
    Silicon Implant
    • Any body type
    • Wants low to very big enlargement
    • Does not mind fine scar
    • Focus is breast
    • Does not want to touch other body parts

    Every patient is different. What works, well for your friends may not be the right solution for your concerns,
    which is why we suggest you visit our clinic.

    Nipple Lift / Scarless Breast Lift

    This is a procedure done for women who have mild sagging but won’t enlargement without a visible scar. in this technique of breast implant is placed and then a lift technique is performed on the upper part of the nipple to raise the level of the nipple by 1.5 to 2 cm. the healing is so good that the scar is virtually invisible

    An Ideal Candidate
    • Not very saggy breast
    •  nipple is not hanging down
    •  breast is not very heavy
    •  no tuberous deformity
    •  skin envelope is not very tight
    •  is ok if the scar on the left is mildly visible
    breast augmentation surgeon in delhi
    Risk-involved in breast augmentation
    • Visible nipple and breast lift
    • Virtually no scar
    • Does not add to recovery
    • Addition of only 15 minutes to surgery time
    • No additional complication

    Need Consultation On Nipple Lift

    Nipple Inversion
    Why is nipple inversion such a problem?
    • Loss of self esteem
    • Aesthetic look
    • Maceration of nipple
    • Inability to breast lift
    What does nipple inversion surgery achieve?

    Take out the inverted nipple

    We face following problems – the nipple in many patients is destroyed due to years of maceration. the nipple is often friable . we need to tell the patient that the nipple may not be same on both sides,  some nipple may die off due to damage from years of maceration. we cannot promise breast feeding, but it usually occurs.

    Nipple inversion can be done with any other breast aesthetic procedure. It can be done alone as well, in local anesthesia. Involves breast shaping and liposuction of bra straps – this gives better rounding of breasts, and shape of chest. Can be combined with other procedures , such as arms, thighs, face etc.

    • Anesthesia – LA
    • Duration: 30 Minutes
    • Technique: 4 incisions – 12, 3, 6, 9 oclock. with 11 number blade

    What is done ?

    • LA injection is done around areola. 
    • 2.0 silk suture is placed on nipple to pull it up
    • Fine scissor, sharp , is used to cut the adhesions, while the silk suture is used to pull the nipple up. adhesions may be needed to be cut from all 4 incisions. 
    • 3.0 monocryl suture between opposite incisions, kept long
    • Nipple cut out gauze, placed and monocryl sutures tied with the silk stich on nipple
    • Other body parts treated as planned
    • Stiches – dissolvable but need to be taken out after a week
    • Recovery from anesthesia -,  immediate
    • Observation time – 1-2 hours
    • Liquids / food starts – in 2 to 3 hours


    • Not to wet the breast for 1 week
    • 2nd day – walking, bathing, gentle walking
    • 10th th day –  excercise, gentle sports,  biking, driving
    • Sexual activity – can start in 7 days, breast manipulation in 3 weeks

    Body shape – Lot of swelling for 3 to 6 weeks, 3 weeks an initial look of the result starts to appear, final shape can take 3-6 months

    Potential Problems 

    • Seromas – heal with pressure and massage
    • Hematoma – rarely need drainage
    • Stich line, taking longer than normal to heal – heals in 3 to 4 weeks
    • Nipple areola  healing  – can take 3 to 6 weeks
    • Bad scarring – individual – use silicone sheet over the stiches after a week to achieve better result


    25000 Rs/- (* No GST)

    Need Consultation On Nipple Inversion

    Nipple Enlargement
    Why & How of it

    Do you want your nipples to shine through your t-shirts ? or Bikinis? You like the perky look but your nipple size is small. We use special techniques with stem cells and your own tissues to increase the size of your nipple in minutes

    • Safe
    • Effective
    • Instant Results
    Non Surgical Breast Lift
    • Many treatments are used to lift breast non surgically
    • Some work, some promise they will work, and some help doctors make money
    • Cog threads – temporary, mild effect
    • HIFU – temporary – mild effect
    • PRP – temporary – mild
    • Fat injection  – permanent – very mild effect
    Non Surgical Breast Lift

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