What is 4D 360 degree VASER liposuction?

Liposuction removes fat from the deep layer in the skin to thin the skin. With VASER hi Def – we work in the superficial layer of skin to remove fat from the superficial layer creating etching or liposculpture. This process defines 6 packs, muscle outlines, chest packs etc to mimic the normal muscle.

Masterclass in Vaser 4D

Our Body Contouring Services


6 packs in men and women

liposuction surgery in delhi ncr

Biceps/ Deltoid / Triceps Outlining


Chest Pack Surgery


Abdomen Muscle Outline


Leg Muscle Outline


BBL-Brazilian Buttock Lift

What VASER 4D Can Do/ Can’t Do



  • Create a chiseled body
  • Create gym type look
  • Make you more confident


  • Reduce fat from around the organs like inside abdomen
  • Cannot prevent future recurrence of fat
  • Give unrealistic expectations of weight loss

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    Most probably the patients start seeing their full results after 3 to 6 months of the surgery when their body starts to get settled with the changes. Sometimes the results can take longer to show up depending upon the individual.

    The cost of body contouring depends upon the individual and the situation of the case. The cost can differ according to the procedure the patient has opted for and the clinic as well. The patient should always opt for an experienced surgeon for the body contouring procedure

    The criteria can differ a bit depending upon the procedure and the patient. Some general points that the patient must fulfill are non-smoking, no alcohol, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

    The body contouring is not painful. The surgeon also provides anesthesia to the patient before starting the procedure. Though, slight discomfort and pain are normal after the surgery. The surgeon provides medication to cope up with this post-operative discomfort.

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