• Are you happy with your chest looking like a female breast
  • When are you planning to get rid of your man boobs
  • How long will you suffer and get teased by friends and relatives
  • Is your son getting shy and introvert. Do you know he may be suffering from GIT (gynecomastia in teenagers)

Gynecomastia Procedure can help you

gynecomastia male breast in teenagers

Is there any thing called FAT only Gynecomastia

Why do patients ask whether they have gynecomastia or they have chest fat

  • Many of you think that gynecomastia is only gland
  • You think that if it is fat it wil disappear with time 
  • You think it will get less with exercise and sports

90% of gynecomastia patients have both fat and gland, and only 5 percent have pre gland or pure fat. Even those with pure fat, there is a small gland that is present, which can be left. This fat only goes with very very severe exercise and dieting, and does not go with normal gym or sport

Therefore fat only gynecomastia Or Pseudo gynecomastia does not exist in reality. If you are troubled by your female like chest then the only option is surgery

Masterclass In Gynecomastia

What are the surgical steps of a gynecomastia surgery

  • Grade assessment
  • Infiltration with saline solution
  • Liposuction to remove the fat
  • Gland removal
  • Skin stiches using Gillies B stich to make the scars virtually invisible

Gynecomastia in Teenagers(GIT)

What is GIT?

Gynecomastia occurring in boys in the age group of 14 to 18 is called GIT. as the children hit puberty, the estrogen surge causes increase in the gland formation along with fat deposition in heavier kids. 

In most children this resolves to comfortable levels, but in few children, gynecomastia persists, and is often very severe. Our experience has been that GIT often is in grades of 3a,3b, or 4a requiring extensive procedures and more often a skin lift technique is needed. 

The recovery is usually very good and good results are expected in these children

Why should we operate teens suffering from GIT early?
  • These children become very shy and reserved
  • They don’t go out and exams results are badly affected
  • They don’t play sports
  • the y are hesitant to meet friends for fear of being teased
  • They cut off from family since they feel nobody is listening to them
  • Some of them contemplate suicide
  • Exercises don’t help
  • We need to assess fast if any testosterone deficiency exists that can be corrected early
What Surgery in GIT Can Do/ Can’t Do


  • Correct gynecomastia
  • Give more confidence to the child
  • Allows him to wear clothes of his choice
  • Allow him to mingle better with kids of his age


  • More severe form is seen
  • Children are more shy to ask
  • They don’t have access to doctors consult without asking family
  • They contemplate suicides
  • Their whole personality might change forever 
  • These children have very heavy glands compared to normal gynecomastia surgeries
Transformation Results of Gynecomastia In Teenagers

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