Ear Reshaping Surgery Cost in Delhi

Ear Reshaping Plastic Surgery

Surgery done to improve the position, shape and proportion of the ear is called ear surgery or otoplasty. It is used to correct the defects of the ear structure that is present from the birth or defects or injuries that occur during accident. It helps in bringing the proportion and balance to the ears and face and creates a natural shape. You may consult a plastic surgeon if you have a disfigured or protruding ears.

Ear surgery

The first step of the surgery is giving general anesthesia. After that, incisions will be made on the back of the ear. Sometimes, incisions may have to be created in front of the ear. Through the incisions, the surgeon will correct the protruding or mis shaped cartilages. After the procedure, the incisions will be closed with external stitches.

You can see the results of the surgery immediately after the surgery. Complicated surgeries may take much time to show the results. The surgeon will give instructions after the surgery about things that should and should not be done. He will also explain you the risks of the procedure before the surgery. Children from the age of five to old aged people can go for ear surgery on one condition that, they should be healthy otherwise.

Correction of Bat ear/ prominent ear correction

Bat ear is a condition that occurs at childbirth. The problem is normally caused due to the irregularity in the soft tissues folding during ear formation.

Treatment: Local anesthesia may be sufficient in most cases. The procedure begins by making an incision in the back of the ear. Surgical procedures are performed to fold back the soft tissues so that the ear is now in the required shape. Only minimum invasion is required and this scar fades away in a short time.

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