5 reasons why you should opt for Hymenoplasty

  • For religious reasons, in some places virginity is valued very highly.
  • In case of hymen-related injuries.
  • In case of rape or sexual assault.
  • Conservative social pressure.
  • To overcome hymen-related infections.

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A to Z on Hymenoplasty Surgery/Hymen Repair

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    Why Women Decide to Get a Hymenoplasty?

    Recently, hymenoplasty has become quite popular among women. Now the question arises why some women opt for hymenoplasty while the presence or absence of a hymen is a negligible thing. The myth that intact hymen is the sign of virginity is the main reason behind many women opting for hymenoplasty. But the truth is that hymen can rupture while intense sports activities like horse riding, stretching, etc., and sometimes it stays even after coitus. So intact hymen doesn’t necessarily mean virginity.

    In hymen injuries: sometimes women suffer from hymen-related injuries which require hymenoplasty as a part of treatment.

    • Society pressure: In a male-dominated society, women are supposed to stay virgins till their marriage and such conservative and primitive stereotypes are the main reasons that women opt for hymenoplasty. Mostly young and unmarried women choose hymenoplasty to hide the fact that they have been involved in sexual practices before marriage. 
    • Due to traumatic experiences: rape or sexual assault victims opt for this surgery to overcome society’s pressure and mental trauma.
    • Due to hymen-related infections: some women undergo hymenoplasty to overcome hymen-related infections and inflammations.
    What Hymenoplasty Can Do/ Can’t Do


    • Reconstruction of the hymen.
    • Rejuvenation of hymen tissue.
    • Enhancement of sexual pleasure.
    • Get rid of infections related to the vagina.


    • Increase vaginal sensitivity.
    • Complete restoration of virginity.
    • Get rid of all pelvic diseases.
    • Overcome painful coitus experiences.

    Before & After Real Results

    Before & After Real Results
    Understanding Hymenoplasty

    For hymenoplasty, first of all, you should contact a good surgeon. Best hymen repair surgery in Delhi you should contact Dr. Amit Gupta who is the best hymen repair doctor in Delhi. because such procedures need extensive care to avoid any kind of mishap. Basically, before the surgery, you must do a full-body check-up to determine that you can undergo this procedure without getting any complications. After that, you are advised to maintain a proper healthy diet because this will play a very important role during the recovery time after the surgery.

    Taking proper rest and maintaining a healthy sleep cycle are also equally important. After that drinking plenty of water and keeping your body hydrated is also equally important. Before the surgery, you will also be asked to quit smoking and alcohol because this can create complications after the surgery. Also, contacting someone who can take care of you for a while after the surgery is very important.

    Hymenoplasty is done by giving general anesthesia or local anesthesia. The patient is given prophylactic antibiotics and after that, placed in a lithotomy position with bilateral hips flexed and legs abducted in stirrups. Then the labia majora and minora are retracted bilaterally. After that remnants of the hymen are detected and separated. The free edges of each hymen fragment are gently excised along clefts with scissors leaving only the tip of the fragments intact. Following it is completed in a sequence for clefts around the lateral and posterior aspects of the vaginal canal until the luminal reduction is accomplished by closure across all clefts. No additional dressing is required and patients are advised to wear pads to prevent blood stains on clothes.

    The hymenoplasty involves mainly reconstruction of torn hymen skin around the edges that are neatly removed and then the remaining ends are stitched together, leaving a small opening. After this, the hymenal ring is restored to normal size and shape. This procedure should be done by an experienced hand. That’s why you should come to our clinic once. Our clinic provides the best hymen repair surgery in Delhi under the supervision of the best surgeon Dr. Amit Gupta.

    • Minimal discomfort
    • Dont sit cross legged
    • Dont do if marriage is more than 8 weeks
    • Dont take photographs of vagina after surgery
    • Dont exercise or run, dont sit cross legged
    • Take antibiotics and keep vagina clean
    • Advised to not resume smoking or alcohol.
    Hymen Lift Procedure

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