• To cure vaginal-related infections.
  • In cases of pelvic cancer which damages certain pelvic reasons.
  • To overcome the damage of pelvic reason due to obesity and chronic respiratory problems.

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A to Z on Designer Vagina

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    Designer Vagina

    The designer vagina is a broad term that comprises all the cosmetic procedures related to the vagina or the women’s pelvic reason. This term symbolizes all the procedures that a woman can opt to get her desired traits of an ideal vagina. But it is important to keep that these procedures should be done by an experienced surgeon.

    • Vaginoplasty: the vaginal walls are aimed to be tightened in this procedure
    • Labiaplasty: the protruding labial folds are treated to get the desired size under this procedure.
    • Vaginal rejuvenation: similar to vaginoplasty, it also works for tightening and rejuvenating vaginal walls.
    • Hymenoplasty: for recreating the layer of hymen, this procedure is used.
    What Designer Vagina Can Do/ Can’t Do


    • Tighten vaginal walls.
    • Increase sensitivity.
    • Decrease the size of enlarged labia lips.
    • Alter the size of labial folds.


    • Cure urine incontinence
    • Cure uterus prolapse
    • Give unrealistic desired results.
    • Completely alter birth defects.
    • Increase emotional quotient and responsiveness.
    Before & After Real Results

    The role of of sexual satisfaction is very high and essential in maintaining happy relationship with the partner.  in addition there are some patients who have had accidental or mishaps in the vaginal area and or not confident of their own body parts and sexuality.  can tackle all these problems and in addition also create a very aesthetic with an appearance in a procedure called as designer vagina surgery.

    What is  difference between designer vagina surgery and vagina tightening

    The Designer vagina surgery is a group of surgeries done to:-

    • Tighten the vagina
    • Reduce size of labia – labiaplasty
    • Fat augmentation of outer vagina lips to make them more round and full
    • Surgery time – 45 to 75 minutes
    • Anesthesia – GA
    • Recovery – 2 to 3 hours
    • Discharge  – 4 to 5 hours
    • Office work – after 2 days
    • Exercise/ gym – 3weeks
    • Sex – 4 weeks
    • Pain – for 2 to 7 days – mild, controlled with pain killers
    • Stiches – dissolvable  – 3 to 4 weeks

    Please see the following videos to understand more in detail

    Difference between Hymen and vagina surgery

    Recovery of Genital procedure


    Success Story

    The risk involved in Designer Vagina?

    Though the surgery is considered non-invasive still few possible risks are involved in this surgery. Let’s discuss some of them. Chances of occurrence of different types of infections are quite significant after the surgery if the patient is not taking proper care. That’s why it is important to manage proper personal hygiene. The doctor prescribes antibiotics to avoid such infections. Keeping incisions clean is also very important. Blood clots or excessive bleeding can also happen under this procedure. To avoid this the patient should stop consumption of certain kinds of medication. Sometimes nerve and muscle damage can also occur during the surgery. This happens if the surgery is performed by a quack.  For the best designer vagina surgery in Delhi, you should contact Dr. Amit Gupta who is a top-notch designer vaginal surgeon of Delhi.

    Cost of Designer Vagina?

    The cost of getting a designer vaginal surgery varies according to the place and the number of procedures involved in the surgery. Getting labiaplasty and vaginoplasty along with hymenoplasty will cost more but only two procedures will be less costly.

    The general cost of cosmetic designer vaginal surgery in Delhi starts from 80000. The laser designer vaginal in Delhi costs also starts from Rs. 80000. It takes 1-2 hours to get completed. If you are planning on taking designer vaginal surgery in Delhi then contact our clinic right now.

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