Follicular Unit Transplantation Fut

Follicular Unit Hair transplant

Follicular Unit Hair transplant is the gold standard procedure. At Divine Cosmetic Surgery, we have done close to 2500 such procedures, apart from over 1000 FUE procedures. This process involves the harvestation of a hair bearing strip from the back portion of the head. Hair does not fall from this Zone since the follicles are resistant to effects of DHT. The strip is separated into individual grafts.

Follicular unit hair transplant (FUT) is the gold standard for hair transplant procedures. According to international data 91 percent of hair transplant processes all over the world are done using the FUT process. The basic steps in the process involve removal of a strip from the back portion of the head, separation of the hair follicles one by one, and then individual implantation in the area of baldness or thinning.


Advantages of FUT

1. Much larger number of hair follicles can be extracted

2. Fine line not visible without shaving

3. Does not affect the density at the back

4. Repeated procedure is easier

5. Mimimum quantitative losses of hair grafts


Need for an incision at the back with fine layer of sutures.

Trichophytic Closure

Trichophytic Closure of Strip for virtual scarless procedure – The closure of the donor area is done by a special technique available at Divine Cosmetic Surgery. The trichophytic closure technique brings together viable hair at the edges of the wound, making the scar virtually invisible with hair growth through the scar.

Long Hair transplant

In this technique of hair transplant, hair follicles are not trimmed, and long version of hair follicles are implanted. This gives a more natural look immediately after transplant, allowing clients to get back to office earlier. This process takes longer and is more intricate than conventional FUT


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