9 Reasons Why You Should Consider (Follicular Unit Transplantation) FUT Hair Transplant

FUT Hair Transplant

  • Trichophytic closure ensures almost no scar
  • Hair actually grows through the scar
  • There are no side effects
  • Longer lasting results than FUE
  • Lesser hair wastage compared to FUE
  • It will provide you with a maximum volume
  • Repeated procedures will not decrease donor site density * (repeat FUE procedures can make donor site thinning visible)
  • Easier to do SMP on the scar and hide it completely
  • A long hair transplant is an option

A Hair Transplant can help to resolve your issues. Dr. Amit Gupta is a renowned Plastic surgeon who has performed 7000+ hair Transplant procedures at India’s Fastest Growing Plastic Surgery Centre Divine Cosmetic Surgery

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Understanding FUT

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    Follicular Unit Transplant(FUT)

    • Follicular Unit Transplantation– hair follicle grafts are taken as strip, hair follicles separated and implanted one by one at the recipient zone Overall.
    • Hair follicles are arranged in bundles of 1-5 follicles which are knows as Grafts.
    • The donor zone is typically situated at the back because the hair follicles are not impacted by the chemical dihydro testosterone (DHT), which is accountable for most balding.
    • Advantage of this technique is that no hair needs to be trimmed down in the donor zone.
    • In the latest long hair transplant technique not a single hair is cut out there in the donor zone or the recipient zone
    • A Huge Advantage is that Donor site density does not suffer
    • Longevity (permanent result) is another advantage compared to FUT
    • Scars are largely hidden with TRICHOPHYTIC CLOSURE TECHNIQUE

    Benefits of FUT

    • Less Time Consuming

      Less Time Consuming

      A person can restore the large number of hair in a limited time with the mean of the hair surgery. This surgery doesn’t take much time for the surgeon.

    • Natural and Guaranteed Results

      Natural and Guaranteed Results

       A person is capable of getting natural and guaranteed hair results from FUT Hair Transplantation in Delhi. A person who needs undetectable hair results would opt for this surgery.

    • Trichophytic Closure Technique

      Trichophytic Closure Technique

      This particular technique and shows minimum visibility of the scar and in fact hair grows through the scar as well.

    • Higher Rate of Follicle Survival

      Higher Rate of Follicle Survival

      Although with the advent of modern technology, the follicle survival rate in FUE can be enhanced, FUT still has a higher survival rate. As the FUE allows a technician to pick grafts randomly, sometimes the technician takes the grafts from outside the donor zone, which results in thinning and losing the hair as the patient

    • A Large Number of Follicles can be Transplanted in a Single Session

      A Large Number of Follicles can be Transplanted in a Single Session

      FUT is that it promotes a high yield of hairs in the recipient area. If getting a fullness is your primary goal, you should opt for FUT treatment as it allows a surgeon to transfer up to 6500 follicles in a single session.

    What FUT Can Do/ Can’t Do



    • Offers maximum fullness
    • Near permanent results
    • Provides maximum grafts and follicles
    • Need not cut hair (no need to shave) – early return to office


    • Help stop further hair fall ( from non transplanted zone)
    • Not good in people with white hair
    Before & After Real Results

    Follicular Unit Transplant Procedure

    Follicular Unit Transplantation Fut Procedure at divine cosmetics surgery

    A week before the FUT procedure, the doctor advises the patient to stop taking the Aspirin, and stop smoking and taking alcohol one week before the surgery as they may increase bleeding during the procedure. You can resume them 2 days after the procedure.

    The doctor will re-draw your hairline and mark the area of hair extraction. The doctor will trim the donor then, the surgeon will cut out the strip of skin with the hair follicles that will be used as a graft. The surgeon will close your scalp with sutures. After that, the hair follicles will then be inserted into the balding parts of your scalp in a pattern that looks natural and covered with bandages.

    This surgery takes around 4-8 hours. After your surgery, the patient has to rest and take antibiotics and painkillers for 2 days. The patient can resume their office after 1 day of surgery. Avoid any kind of heavy activities for 1 week.

    Follicular Unit Transplant Procedure

    Success Story

    The risk involved in FUT?
    • When performed by an experienced, skilled surgeon, a hair transplant is safe and complication free
    • The risk in FUT hair transplant comes in when your doctor is not experienced, not qualified or leaves the job to technicians
    • Rare but we have seen some of these -irregular hair line , female pattern hairline in men, poor results, infection donor site damage
    • If you are searching for FUT hair transplant in Delhi, then, Dr. Amit Gupta is the best FUT hair transplant surgeon in Delhi and he does the best FUT hair transplant in Delhi.
    • When it comes to safety it’s the place for the best FUT hair transplant doctor in India. So far he has done 6500+ successful surgeries.
    Cost of FUT

    The cost of hair transplant in India depends on

    • Technique
    • Number of follicles
    • Experience of doctor
    • Whether plastic surgeons are doing or some other doctor
    • FUT hair transplant cost in India – The experience of a doctor also matters the most.
    • That is why you should have your surgery done by a well-experienced doctor. The FUT hair transplant cost Delhi, starts from Rs 40000 – 3 lacs
    • For the best FUT hair transplant surgeon in Delhi, you should consult with Dr. Amit Gupta. He works to provide the best treatment.

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