After Breast Reduction Surgery Recovery and Tips

Breast Reduction Recovery and Tips After Surgery

Breast reduction is an incredibly personal plastic surgery procedure that can help a woman achieve smaller, lighter, and better-shaped breasts. This surgical procedure is ideal for any woman who is distressed about the size of her breasts and is tired of constantly suffering from back and neck pain.

Sadly, getting breast reduction surgery is not that easy. There are a lot of considerations that one must make before and after breast reduction surgery. One of these considerations is about the recovery procedure itself. Keep reading this blog to find out more about breast reduction recovery tips and the entire process that is followed during a breast reduction recovery.

Recovery Timeline After Breast Reduction Surgery

Every patient responds to surgery differently. This is why it is often difficult to say exactly how long it will take for a patient to recover. However, usually, patients recover from breast reduction surgery within 2-6 weeks. Most patients also start to regain their normal strength and energy within 7 days of getting the surgery.

Beyond this, it is also recommended that patients should take a week away from work, depending on the nature of their job. Physical activities should be limited and a suggested timeline for the recovery is mentioned below.

  • Day One

This should be considered as the same day of the surgery. The goal for the day is to simply rest as it will help the body to start the healing process. Ideally, the patient will have a post-operative bra and bandages over the incision. Proper instructions will also be provided by the plastic surgeon in regard to what one has to do to recover quickly.

  • Week One

This is the week when the patient needs to continue resting. One should consume a lot of water as it helps with healing. Continue to eat well and avoid any strenuous activity. Stick to the schedule of medications and familiarize yourself with the recovery instructions. If the patient has any questions, then always reach out to the plastic surgeon.

During this week, the patient can also indulge in gentle walking. This is done to keep the body moving. Though one must make sure not to do any sort of heavy lifting or physically strenuous activities.

  • Month One

During this month, the patient will likely see a lot of changes in her body. The incisions will heal although it may take a few weeks more before the patient can wear underwire bras as the wires can chafe and damage the skin that is still recovering. The patient will also note more energy and reduced pain in the neck and shoulders as the breasts are smaller now.

There will also be a lot more freedom of movement. However, it is recommended that one should slowly ease back into full activities. There is no need to rush. And towards the end of the month, the patient will be cleared for low-impact exercises. One can go back to working, driving, and caring for herself.

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Tips For Better Recovery After Breast Reduction Surgery

A large part of the recovery will depend on the patient. The patient should follow the instructions provided by the plastic surgeon closely. Beyond following those instructions, there are also a few breast reduction recovery tips that one can follow for a quicker recovery. These tips are:

  • Better Meal Plans

Ensure that you are able to plan what you eat for a few days after the surgery. This is done to ensure that you are consuming a healthy diet and including everything that you need to heal properly. Try to opt for high-protein food items like eggs, poultry, and fish.

Proteins help you heal more quickly and a simple meal of dark, leafy greens and grilled chicken is very nutritious. Try to plan for snacks as well. Opt for crackers, pretzels, cubed cheese, and fruit along with your medications. Consuming yogurt and nuts is also a smart choice.

  • Clothing

After the surgery, wear loose, cotton pants or shorts and button-down shirts as these are the most comfortable choices. Have a few outfits laid out to simplify dressing and keep your nightwear within reach. The patient should also designate a space for wound supplies and medications. Also, don’t forget to stock flexible neck straws, extra gauze, and antibacterial soap.

  • Ensure Optimum Comfort

It is only possible for a patient to heal completely from a breast reduction when she is in a safe and completely comfortable environment. This is why it is vital for the patient to go the extra length and ensure optimum comfort before going for surgery.

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We at Divine Cosmetic Surgery understand that each woman’s reasons for getting breast reduction surgery can be different. Some may wish to get rid of back pain while others might wish to get the surgery for aesthetic purposes. But irrespective of the reason, we always go to great lengths to make sure that the patient gets the desired final results only.

This is done while ensuring the complete comfort and safety of the patient. We at Divine Cosmetic Surgery also have dedicated post-operative care medical specialists who ensure that all patients recover in a healthy and safe environment. In case of any doubts or concerns, we provide patients with the required support.

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