Breast Augmentation Case Study

Breast Augmentation
Case Study :

Cosmetic Surgeon: Dr. Amit Gupta M.S., DNB (Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery)
Procedure: Breast Augmentation 335 Ultra High Sebbin Implants
Operation Duration: Daycare w/G.A.
Post op Consultation At: 3 Days

Dr. Amit and the Divine team were kind, supportive, and made my experience wonderful. Grateful for their care and understanding.



Hello, I am Meenakshi, a 19-year-old artist from a small town in Lucknow.

Due to having small breasts, I felt insecure and experienced bullying from my classmates, leading to low confidence.

I wanted to share my breast augmentation journey with Divine. I wanted a voluptuous, perkier-looking breast.


One day, a friend introduced me to the concept of breast implant procedures, something often embraced by celebrities in Hollywood and Bollywood. Coming from a middle-class background, I hesitated to discuss it with my family due to societal taboos. However, through my research on Google, I discovered Dr. Amit Gupta and Divine Aesthetics.



Coming from a middle-class background, I faced reluctance to discuss the matter with my family, influenced by societal taboos that made me hesitant to open up about it. I was once fearful about the surgery and concerned about potential complications. However, after discussing with Dr. Amit, my fears and doubts disappeared. He was reliable during the consultation and demonstrated his expertise in surgery as well.


  • Performed a breast augmentation with a 335 CC Ultra High Sebbin implant for volume.
  • Cleavage creation with fat injection
  • Duration: 45 Minute to 1 hours
  • Recovery period: 4-5 Hour



  • Natural-looking breast
  • Perfect symmetry that overall gives an aesthetic look
  • No sagginess
  • The selection of implants complements the body’s shape and size. Overall enhancement in confidence
  • Amazing cleavage creation


Sneak peek of my immediate post-operative look:



They regularly follow up and make sure everything is going as promised. This handholding, care, and humane practice create the divine aesthetics for female transformation. I wish them always the best.


Dr. Amit stood out not only for his surgical expertise but also for his clarity, honest advice, and unwavering emotional support.
He took the time to discuss my case with my parents, helping them understand the importance of the procedure for my well-being.
I am now a free and self-assured woman, and my artwork reflects the essence of this new me.
The Divine Centre, where I underwent this transformative journey, is, in my eyes, a temple for those seeking breast and body transformations.
I urge everyone to prioritize quality over cost when considering such surgeries.
The procedure is a one-time event, and choosing unqualified beauty centers or opting for low-cost alternatives may lead to regrettable outcomes.
Ensure you entrust your journey to aesthetic hospitals for safe and guaranteed results.

For me, Dr. Amit is nothing short of a divine figure. The transformation he facilitated went beyond physical changes; it gave me a newfound confidence and liberated spirit.”


Hello, I am Pooja Sharma, I have got breast implant surgery done from Divine Cosmetic Center Delhi, I am feeling good, no pain at all and my personality looks natural. I would like to thank Dr. Amit Gupta and all the staff members.

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