Breast Augmentation Case Study : Implants with Lift Surgery in India

Breast Augmentation Case Study: Implants with Lift

Cosmetic Surgeon: Dr. Amit Gupta M.S., DNB (Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery)
Procedure: Breast Augmentation and Areola Lift, using the Dual-Plane Breast Lift Technique.
Operation Duration: Daycare w/G.A.
Post op Consultation At: 3 Days

I came from Australia to get treatment here. Their professionalism is unmatched.
They took care of me better than I expected. Results were top notch. I most definitely
recommend this place. I came as I am and left as I wanted. They’re amazing. Have
zero hesitation when attempting to get treatment from Divine



Hi, my name is Reem, a proud mother of two. I’m excited to share my experience with breast augmentation, a significant journey I undertook with Divine.

As an Egyptian residing in Australia, a country famed for its kangaroos, I’m a 43-year-old woman who faced post-pregnancy changes.

Breastfeeding led to droopiness and left me with minimal breast tissue. My desire was to enhance my figure with fuller, perkier breasts


Intrigued by the high-level expertise in India, I embarked on a quest to find the finest plastic surgeon. This search led me to Dr. Amit Gupta, a renowned name in the field.



Admittedly, I had reservations and certain misconceptions about undergoing surgery in India. Questions like ‘Is it safe?’, ‘Have I chosen the right place?’, and ‘Will the surgery be successful?’ clouded my mind. However, ALL doubts were dispelled after meeting and consulting with Dr. Amit Gupta.



  • Dr. Amit recommended a combined procedure of breast augmentation and areola lift, using the dual-plane breast lift technique.
  • He selected an implant size of 365 CC.
  • The dual-plane approach was chosen specifically for my case due to the lack of existing breast tissue.
  • Duration: 2 hour to 3 hours
  • Recovery period: 4-5 Hour



  • Natural-looking breast
  • Perfect symmetry that overall gives an aesthetic look
  • No sagginess
  • The selection of implants complements the body’s shape and size.
  • Overall enhancement in confidence


Sneak peek of my immediate post-operative look:

Breast Augmentation Case Study: 365 Breast Implants with Lift Result in India


Divine Aesthetics consistently follows up to ensure everything is proceeding as planned. Their exceptional care, support, and humane approach truly make them a sanctuary for women seeking breast transformation. I extend my best wishes to them always.


While exploring Breast augmentation online, I discovered Dr. Amit among several options. However, it was my interaction with Divine’s team that truly stood
out. Their coordinator, doctor, and senior consultant all came across as genuinely caring individuals. They prioritized my safety and desired outcomes over merely
selling procedures at a discount. They took the time to explain each technique and detail of the procedure with patience. I had numerous audio-video calls with
them and eventually decided on a procedure.

Unfortunately, life had other plans. My mother was diagnosed with cancer, prompting me to return home urgently. Remarkably, not only did Divine refund my advance, but they also expressed heartfelt wishes and prayers for my mother’s health. Deepti Mam consistently showed concern for my mother. Therefore, three months later, I returned to India for my breast augmentation with a dual-plane breast lift procedure.


Dr. Amit Gupta with Reem - After Breast Augmentation

Dr. Amit truly lives up to his reputation, demonstrating exceptional experience and skill in surgery, which seems divinely gifted”.
“If anyone’s thinking of getting their boobs done I strongly advise you to use Cosmetic Surgery Partners. Dr. Amit Gupta was so assuring and amazing!”


Hello, I am Pooja Sharma, I have got breast implant surgery done from Divine Cosmetic Center Delhi, I am feeling good, no pain at all and my personality looks natural. I would like to thank Dr. Amit Gupta and all the staff members.

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