Breast Reduction
Case Study :

Cosmetic Surgeon: Dr. Amit Gupta M.S., DNB (Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery)
Procedure: Breast Reduction Mammoplasty
Operation Duration: Daycare w/G.A.
Post op Consultation At: 3 Days

Dr. Amit and the Divine team showed me kindness and support, making my experience truly wonderful. I appreciate their care and understanding.



Hello, I am Jessica, a teenage college girl. I just wanted to share my breast reduction journey and experience with Divine Aesthetics.

I am 19 years old. I had heavy breasts that caused me immense back, neck, and shoulder pain, and I had a hard time choosing dresses. My friends from college commented on my breast size, which led to anxiety, depression, and body dysmorphia.

At last, I shared the problem with my mother, and she contacted Dr. Amit Gupta for a solution. That’s where my breast reduction journey started.


Breast Reduction Case Study

I searched for the best plastic surgeon in India and found Dr. Amit Gupta. After watching several witnesses from patients all over the globe, the reviews, and the smiles he gives to other patients, I have decided that this is going to be my destination for change.



I have some doubts and lots of what-ifs, like what if I do not get the desired result? This is my first time; is it safe? If this is the right place, will my surgery be successful? However, I had my doubts cleared after meeting Dr. Amit Gupta.


  • Performed a breast reduction surgery.
  • Duration: 2.5 hours to 3 hours
  • Recovery period: 1 week



  • Natural-looking breast
  • Relievable breast size
  • Addressed the sagginess
  • Perfect symmetry that overall gives an aesthetic look
  • Overall enhancement in confidence


Sneak peek of my immediate post-operative look:



They regularly follow up and make sure everything is going as promised. This handholding, care, and humane practice create the divine aesthetics for female transformation.


As a student with a large breast size, my initial concern was that what if I didn’t get the result I wanted? I didn’t want to waste all my time, energy, and money. But after talking to Dr. Amit, I was sure that it was going to be alright.

I talked with a senior medical coordinator on call; they were very cool and gave me all the information.

They hear me and my concerns thoroughly.

They were more concerned about my safety and results than just selling me some procedures at a discounted price.

I opted for breast reduction surgery at Divine.


Thanks to Dr. Amit and the team at Divine Cosmetic Surgery, the breast reduction surgery has truly changed my life for the better.


Hello, I am Pooja Sharma, I have got breast implant surgery done from Divine Cosmetic Center Delhi, I am feeling good, no pain at all and my personality looks natural. I would like to thank Dr. Amit Gupta and all the staff members.

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