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  • Differences between breast lift and breast reduction
  • Do we do breast lift in breast reduction
  • Can we enlarge breast with breast lift

Differences Between Breast Lift / Breast reduction/ Augmentation mastopexy / Auto-augmentation Mastopexy

Breast LiftBreast ReductionMastopexy augmentationAuto-augmentation Mastopexy
AimLift saggy breastReduce size of breast If sagging - breast lift alsoLifting breast + enlarging the breast with silicone implantsLifting breast+ enlarging the breast with own body fat
Size of BreastRemains same or mild increasereducesIncrease as much as neededIncrease, but less than with implants
Longevity of Result1 to 15 years10 to 15 years10 - 15 years at least.Half of fat injected will get absorbed.
How much lift is achieved2 - 20 cm ( more can be done with special techniques)2 - 20 cm ( more can be done with special techniques)Lift is not more than 4-6 cms with short scars, longer lifts only with t-scarLift is not more than 4-6 cms
Time duration2.5 hours3 hours2 hours2 hours
Hospital admissionDay careDay careDay careDay care

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