Is Hair Transplant Permanent? How is it done?

Is Hair Transplant Permanent

Is Hair Transplant Permanent? How is it done?

Many people opt for a hair transplant after losing their hair due to any reason. A hair transplant can be a lifesaver if you are someone who has lost your confidence due to hair thinning or baldness. To get a hair transplant in Delhi, we recommend you visit the best hair transplant doctor in Delhi named Dr. Amit Gupta. He has done a record of 15000+ successful surgeries in his entire career.

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But the question arises whether the hair transplant results are permanent or not. Today, we will discuss this question in detail to understand it. Then, we will talk about how the hair transplant is done.

Is hair transplant results permanent?

Hair transplant has permanent results if done properly. In hair transplant surgery, the grafts are taken from one donor part and placed at the recipient part where they further start to grow naturally. At Divine Cosmetics, the best hair transplant doctor in Delhi Dr. Amit Gupta says that the hair transplant results are permanent and last the whole lifetime.

But the hair transplant must be done properly by an expert and experienced surgeon. If you are looking for the best hair transplant in Delhi, then we recommend you to visit us once.

Dr. Amit Gupta is said to be the best hair transplant doctor in Delhi because he has performed 5000+ hair transplant surgeries with an almost 100% success rate.

How is it done?

Hair transplant has mainly two techniques. Both these techniques provide good results after the hair transplant technique. Our clinic provides both techniques of hair transplant in Delhi.

FUE hair transplant term is used for follicular unit extraction. Under this process, the separate hair follicles are removed from the different body parts of the person. After that, they are incorporated in the needed places.

While the FUT hair transplant stands for follicular unit transplantation. FUT is also called a strip procedure. Under this process, the surgeon takes various skin strips from the fixed parts where the transplantation will be done. After that, these hair follicles will again be inserted in the needed place of the head.

 Dr. Amit Gupta suggests that FUT is a better technique if the patient is opting for a large surface area hair restoration. For further consultation about hair restoration in Delhi, visit our clinic once.

Now, let’s discuss both hair transplant techniques in more detail.

FUT hair transplant

In this procedure, a strip is taken from the backsides of the scalp and then the hair follicles are implanted in groups. The backside of the scalp is chosen to take the strip because the hair follicles are considered permanent.

Does a FUT Hair Transplant Hurt

The FUT hair transplant is recognized for its perpetual results. The surgeon eliminates a graft that is positioning a cluster of hair. After that, the grafts undergo a cleaning process. The surgeon cuts slits among the bald areas on the head region. The grafts are then incorporated in those slits. To get a FUT hair transplant in Delhi from the best hair restoration doctor in Delhi, contact our clinic now.

The FUT hair transplant can be done by two techniques. You can contact Divine Cosmetics to get a hair restoration in Delhi.

  • Trichophytic closure

This is called an exclusive overlapping process. It helps in hiding the scars well. Under this process, the strip incisions are then covered totally with incisions. This technique is one of the most difficult techniques of hair transplant with equally high positive results. Divine Cosmetics holds expertise in this procedure fulfilling the expectations of our patients by providing top-notch treatment. This procedure comes handy for not getting scars.

  • Long hair Transplant

Long hairs are extracted and then implanted in the regions where hair is less. These transplanted hair follicles can last a lifetime if the procedure is done properly. Dr. Amit Gupta is the best hair transplant doctor in Delhi, contact us now to get the best hair transplant surgery.

  • FUE hair transplant

Another procedure of hair transplant to change the destruction done by the hair loss. This process is minimally invasive. Both procedures of hair transplant in Delhi are available at Divine cosmetics. It is also an outpatient procedure that ensures minimal downtime. During FUE hair transplant, follicular unit grafts are extracted individually from donor areas and transplanted again to the recipient area.

You can contact Divine Cosmetics to get your treatment done from the best hair transplant doctor in Delhi. This procedure can be done by four methods.

  • Robotic technique

It is an advanced technique of FUE hair transplant. In robotic FUE hair transplant, the follicles are directly removed from the donor sites by using artificial intelligence. This makes sure more accuracy and also minimizes the chances of injuries to the follicles. It is performed mainly under the effect of local anesthesia.

  • DHI procedure

DHI stands for direct hair transplant. Under this process, the extraction of hair follicles is done personally. The surgeon uses a very fine extractor with a diameter of 1mm or less to get the task done. It is also a highly acceptable and popular technique for hair restoration. Divine Cosmetics has the latest types of equipment to provide you with the best hair restoration in Delhi.

  • Motorized FUE

Under this procedure, the extracting staple is connected with a motor instead of handling manually. Dr. Amit Gupta is an expert in all hair restoration techniques with a record of 6500+ successful hair restoration surgeries. That’s why he is known as the best hair transplant doctor in Delhi. Contact us now for the best hair transplant in Delhi!


The hair transplant results are actually similar to your natural hairs. You need to take good care of them after the hair transplant to make them last longer. Better care ensures a better time period. Taking proper nutrition and eating proper food is a must for taking good care of your transplanted hair.

By FUT or FUE you can get your desired hair restoration. Dr. Amit Gupta is an expert surgeon who is known for his work in hair transplantation.



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