To be brutally honest some degree of hair loss is faced by one and all, but kids who are experiencing abnormal follicle loss perhaps could be the victim of some underlying health issue. To name a few alopecia areata, the fungus Microsporum gypseum commonly known as tinea capitis, wherein patches of hair loss develop on the scalp.

Surprisingly, hair loss in kids is estimated between 3-4 percent and their hair also has a similar lifecycle as adults. Hair grows naturally for about 2 to 7 years, thereafter it goes into the resting phase also known as the telogen phase. 3 months post this phase hair starts to fall out and new ones grow out.


  1. Due to genetics.
  2. Environmental, physical, mental, or social stress.
  3. If the kid(s) is/are on medication.
  4. Any other form of health issues such as diabetes, thyroid, etc.
  5. Androgenetic alopecia involving hereditary thinning and/or baldness.
  6. Improper nutrition.
  7. Chemotherapy.
  8. Hormonal imbalances (girls majorly).
  9. Menopause.
  10. Anorexia.


A contagious type of fungal infection in the form of ringworm commonly known as tinea capitis. It attacks the scalp and creeps into the hair causing lesions. Kids touch, feel, and share is one of the major contributors to this infection and this takes place in schools. It affects the eyebrows and eyelashes as well, leaving flakes and itching as aftermath. Once diagnosed with the help of ultraviolet light the doctor prescribes antifungal medicine/medication and/or special shampoos/lotions for a minimum of 7-8 weeks.

Lookout for round or oval-shaped patterns on your kid’s scalp this could well be the most important indication that’s he/she has alopecia areata. Once the conditioning effect completely takes over you may notice major hair fall while combing and even flicking your hand through the hair. All it leaves behind are smooth bald patches in the shapes we highlight earlier. However, it a rare condition to date there is no one test to detect it, the only way to know about is when the scalp is examined by the plastic surgeon. Unfortunately, there is no cure for only a few medicines to prolong/slow down the hair fall process.

Not many recognize this as a condition, but trauma to the hair shaft is very common with kids. Constant pulling of hair, tightly tied hair e.g. ponytails, pillow rubbing friction, etc. are known causes for this type of hair loss. Similar, to ADHD this also is more of a mental condition wherein, kids repeatedly pull their hair causing scarring, smoothness, and at times redness on the scalp. Do note, it is curable provided signs are identified early and corrective steps are taken to avoid/stop this type of behavior. If this is ensured usually hair grows back, but it does not stop then hair loss can be permanent.

Just make sure you observe your kids for unusual habits and/or other signs. And, without wasting much time get it detected early by one of India’s most accomplished, board-certified plastic, cosmetic and aesthetic surgeons in the South East Asia Region, Dr. Amit Gupta. Having the best state-of-the-art clinics in Delhi and Gurgaon.

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