What is high definition tummy tuck

What is high Definition Tummy Tuck?

Using principles of creating 6 pack and muscle outline to cases of tummy tuck surgery. Traditionally the procedure for tummy tuck was meant for people with loose skin, to remove the loose skin and give a leaner look. In recent years the concept is moving to creating dynamic body shapes using VASER technology.

The entire plan is to create a shadow effect by selectively removing fat from certain segments like the outline of the 6 pack, the back muscle outline. Thus giving the appearance of a muscle outline. The idea is to create negative and positive spaces.

Negative spaces will denote areas of muscle attachment, and creating a shadow effect. Positive spaces will denote areas of muscle fullness and the pack appearance.

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    The high definition tummy tuck



    • Surgery duration – 4 hours
    • Admission – 1 day
    • Rest – 5 days
    • Office – 6th day
    • Gym – 4 weeks
    • Sexual activity – 4 weeks
    • Antibiotics and pain killers – 5 days
    • Swelling – maximum till 3 weeks reduces over the next 3 months
    • Scar maturation – scars have healed by 3 weeks, but take 6 months to mature
    • From Fat to Fit – 6 months

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