Non surgical Liposuction

Roughly 150,000 men and women get nonsurgical liposuction done every single year! This massive number goes to show how popular this procedure is when it comes to reducing the amount of fat in a body.

non-surgical liposuction or fat reduction procedures are often viewed as an alternative and less invasive option to surgical liposuction. If you wish to know more about this procedure, then you are in the right place.

Understanding Non-surgical Liposuction

  • Non-surgical fat removal surgery is also known as nonsurgical liposuction
  • This procedure does not involve any small incisions for the insertion of a tube in a fatty area to suck out the fat cells. Instead, these fat removal procedures can involve the use of heat, lasers, sound waves, or cooling to get rid of fat cells.
  • Once the fat cells are destroyed, then those cells are removed from the body along with metabolic waste products
  • It should be noted that usually liposuction procedures have a few weeks of complete recovery time but this is not the case with nonsurgical liposuction.
  • In the case of nonsurgical liposuction, the total recovery time is basically less to nothing.
  • In cases where one wishes to get a lot of fat deposit removed, liposuction is often the only option for the patient.
  • When it comes to nonsurgical liposuction, then an individual might be required to go through several treatments. This is not the case with traditional or surgical liposuction
  • That procedure might also involve a slight risk of infection, swelling, or pain. One can avoid these risks by following the recommendations given by the doctor.


The Different Types of Non-surgical Fat Reduction Treatments

There are several non-surgical fat reduction procedures available in the market that one can choose to get. Some of these procedures are:

  • Exilis
  • i-Lipo
  • Liposonix
  • Zeltiq
  • CoolSculpting

Each of these techniques follows a different type of treatment procedure that could be conducted by using laser, light-assisted cryo, ultrasound, radiofrequency, or freezing therapy. The main goal here is to destroy the cell membranes of the fat cells with time so that the fat can simply ‘melt’ away.

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The Advantages of Non-surgical Liposuction

Some advantages of getting non-surgical liposuction are mentioned below.

  • No incisions are made
  • The process is not invasive
  • Less recovery time is required
  • Fewer chances of experiencing swelling or pain
  • Greatly reduced chances of any post-procedure complications like infection
  • Does not require a lot of preparation before the procedure
  • Can be done in a day with a quick return to normal activities

The Disadvantages of Non-surgical Liposuction

The disadvantages associated with non-surgical liposuction are:

  • The actual fat reduction takes place over weeks or months
  • It is an external treatment so it is somewhat difficult to target fat
  • Not effective in people who need large sections of their fat removed

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