Gynecomastia Misconceptions and the Truth

Beware of these highly common misunderstood notions about Gynecomastia. Find out more about male breast reduction surgery in India and how and where to get it done.

Men and women are the same in many ways. And then they are absolutely opposite in others. One such defining characteristic of a male body is the well-known structure of the muscular male chest, known as “pecs” by many gym-goers.

But today, many men are finding their breasts enlarged enough to look like a woman’s breasts in their puberty, late teens or middle age. This state popularised as “man boobs” is called gynecomastia. These men are also prone to the risk of developing breast cancer five times more than their counterparts.

Although this condition is not necessarily chronic and can indeed be restored back to normal through professional surgery. And gynecomastia surgery cost in India is not that steep as compared to the US or other foreign countries. Despite this, the number of myths around Gynecomastia is many.

Some of the misunderstood facts about gynecomastia surgery are:

1. Gynecomastia cannot be cured

Just like many cosmetic ailments that plague the body, gynecomastia is not a permanent one. As a matter of fact, it is often recovered by the hormonal processes of the body in puberty.

When the hormone estrogen is secreted more than testosterone, the breast area starts to enlarge due to the development of breast tissue/gland, like in women. If this occurs at the time of puberty or teenage, it is often restored to normal in 24 months as the body balances the hormonal change. But if the body is unable to recover on its own or in the case of a middle-aged man, a precise surgery for the removal of tissue solves the problem.

2. Obesity is the root Of the problem

In some cases, the fat could be burnt through a better diet and vigorous exercise. But in the majority of cases of gynecomastia in men, the hormonal imbalance and the development of breast tissue is the cause and not the mere presence of excess fat. A gynecomastia surgery solves the problem through the removal of this redundant gland by liposuction and the incision of the tissue.

3. Alcohol is the major cause

Similar to the point above, this may be the case for some but it’s not the norm. It can be an indirect cause – too much alcohol may severely affect the liver affecting its ability to secrete the essential hormones in the right amounts. This may lead to hormonal imbalance and the development of the breast tissue.

Yet for many people, this is not true. Instead, the causes are often due to medications like antidepressants, antibiotics or diabetic and heart medications which may be incompatible with certain hormones.

4. Exercise can heal Gynecomastia

As discussed earlier, if it’s really the fat that is making your chest swell more than normal, exercise is the way to go. Exercise will help you burn the fat and tone your muscles in the chest region to chisel up. But the presence of breast tissue or enlargement of the gland other than the fat is what causes gynecomastia in more than 50% of men.

5. Steroids are the answer to Gynecomastia

A few people get on a quest to balance out the hormones by increasing testosterone levels in the body with the help of steroids. The drugs may counter the effect artificially for a short while. But as this isn’t natural, the body may secrete even more estrogen to match the increased testosterone levels. And after discontinuation of drugs, the condition might worsen even more than before due to the sudden drop in testosterone supply.

6. Surgery is Dangerous

The latest developments in surgical sciences and the increasing efficiency of medical equipment ensure that the result of Gynecomastia surgery is safe and better. If you have examined the surgeon’s competence, compatibility with you, and hygiene at the place of operation, you have nothing to worry about. Even post-surgery pain and side effects are easier to deal with than what the majority of people suggest.

7. It may come back

A seasoned professional having specific expertise in treating gynecomastia will ascertain the right treatment and procedure to get rid of it permanently. The successful removal of the breast tissue from the chest area ensures that it’s not going to occur again. Also, the body’s natural healing process will prevent the hormonal imbalance that causes this.

8. It is a product of my Genetics

Gynecomastia isn’t always caused by genetics. Neither is it a result of obesity or gaining excessive weight only. Genes may constitute the general shape and structure of your body. Whereas it may not actually define a certain body part and the hormonal changes that cause gynecomastia. So, ignoring the condition on account of genetics and thus treating it normal is not the best strategy (especially with the danger of breast cancer hanging around).

Some of the major reasons (other than genetics) that lead to over development of breasts in males include:

• Increase in levels of estrogen
• Ageing (old or middle age)
• Use of certain drugs or medications (some steroids and so on)
• Newborns

9. Any Doctor Can Perform Gynecomastia

Not every doctor is eligible to perform gynecomastia surgery if he/she doesn’t have the right certifications and experience. Many surgeons may claim their proficiency to handle any kind of surgery luring you with cheap costs of gynecomastia surgery in India. Still, only a few board-certified surgeons and endocrinologists are the best people to consult for such delicate surgery.

Man-boobs or gynecomastia can be an underlying reason for low confidence and diminished social interactions in your life. If exercise and diet changes aren’t helping you cope with the condition, consult your family physician. Find out what’s the cause and visit a seasoned professional doctor in this domain to get the best results.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery in India

One of the most common and straightforward surgeries, male breast reduction surgery demands a highly skilled and experienced surgeon. The condition affects men in different degrees (mild, moderate, extreme) and hence requires treatment accordingly. Choosing the right surgeon and facility is extremely crucial as this decision will affect you for years to come.

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