Hymenoplasty A Hyped Tale

What is Hymenoplasty?

A society, culture, and family paints a woman’s character and life by its mere presence and/or absence. Yes, we are talking about revirginization, medically known as Hymenoplasty. Hyped and not being a virgin go hand in since time immemorial, surprisingly enough the pace of change and modernization is at its an all-time high. But, as a society and culture, we are hooked onto the yesteryears. Many women experience unrelenting pressure when they lose their virginity and out of fear choose to go under the knife to restore their original self-back.

Just to make everyone aware of what we are talking about, a woman loses her virginity when the hymen is torn. The most common reason is when she has intercourse, do note it isn’t mandated anywhere that this is the only reason for losing virginity, aggressive physical activities can also tear the hymen.

It becomes more serious when she sees the prospect of her getting married real soon. That’s when the real panic sets in and time and again we have seen this unfold at our clinic. Live-in relationship, friendships turning into love affairs is common nowadays, blame it on technology or social media who know…

A blossoming and healthy relationship turned sour with time. All the love and warmth got cold and boring. When reality took charge, she felt the mental and physical jolt she had gone through for so long. Bruised and battered she mustered the courage to get her life back on track and when that finally happened a different wave of happiness yet full of panic at the same time shook her. Her parents decided it was time for her to settle down in life.

What or who caused this panic to set in at this juncture in her life especially when everything is going so wonderfully well?

It was the fear, what if she would be husband finds that she is not a virgin. Arranged marriage setup may get a little uncomfortable primarily due to the societal and cultural pressure. This is when she frantically scoured the internet and got to know about Divine Cosmetic Surgery further deep digging on the brand increased her confidence as she read about Dr. Amit Gupta’s mastery of skill in the field of hymenoplasty. And, the following morning she was at the clinic to only meet Dr. Gupta. Post the detailed one-on-one consultation her body language showed all signs of relaxation. Thereafter, she underwent a hymenoplasty procedure and got her virginity back.

Before bidding adieu will like to point out that this overburdening importance given to being a virgin is a matter of in-depth discussion at the national level, perhaps in the near future, it may happen. Better yet based on our experience hymenoplasty or revirginization has provided more benefits, happiness, and security than the harms that it is capable of causing.

Thank you to Divine Cosmetic Surgery, To evaluate.

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