Buccal fat Removal

Buccal fat is the fat present between an individual’s cheekbones and jawbones. This fat is responsible for making up the shape of an individual’s face. Everyone has buccal fat, but in some people, this fat might be present in a larger quantity.

If an individual is not happy with the amount of buccal fat that they have, then he or she can simply opt for buccal fat removal, which is also known as face fat removal surgery. Facial fat removal is a surgical procedure to remove the fat on an individual’s face. Removing this fat can help a patient highlight the bone structure of their face. This effect can become specifically visible in the cheekbones and the hollowed-out areas between the cheeks and jawline.

This procedure is also known as cheek reduction. It is a type of plastic surgery, which is why one should only get it done by a skilled, qualified, and experienced plastic surgeon. This is one way to make sure that the patient is able to get great results without compromising his or her safety during the procedure.

Am I A Good Candidate For Buccal Fat Removal?

If you feel that there is a lot of roundness in your cheeks and face that creates a fullness to your face that you don’t like, you can opt for buccal fat removal. This procedure will help alleviate the sense of fullness or chubbiness in your cheeks.

One can also be classified as a good candidate for the procedure if he or she:

  • Don’t like the appearance of their face
  • Are healthy
  • Have a stable weight
  • Does not have a narrow face
  • Have good facial elasticity

Irrespective of whether you are a good candidate for buccal fat removal or not, you should only get this surgery from a qualified plastic surgeon only.
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How Is Buccal Fat Removal Surgery Performed?

The first step to getting your buccal fat removed is to find the best plastic surgeon who can perform this surgery. Dr. Amit Gupta is the best plastic surgeon in India who can help you get the results you need after buccal fat removal. Once you find the plastic surgeon, discuss what you would like to achieve from the surgery. Try to understand what you can expect during the procedure and after it.

There will also be an examination during the initial consultation. Your doctor will ask questions about your overall health and take basic health information. Ask any questions that you might have in your mind about the entire process from your plastic surgeon. The plastic surgeon might also make some recommendations that you need to follow before getting the surgery. Make sure that you follow those before getting the surgery done.

buccal fat removal before and after

Buccal fat removal before and after

What Happens During Buccal Fat Removal? Is It Safe?

Buccal fat removal should always be done in a hospital or clinic. But it should only be performed by a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon. It is a daycare procedure and is complete as long as the patient is getting it done by a qualified plastic surgeon.

During the surgery, the doctor will start by applying local anesthesia. Once that is done, the plastic surgeon will next make a small incision on the inside of the mouth on both sides of the face. This helps expose the buccal fat pads. The plastic surgeon will gently press on the fat pads to further expose them, then cut and remove the fat pads.

After that, the plastic surgeon will close the incisions with sutures. In most cases, the sutures are dissolvable. Your plastic surgeon will also provide you with a few care instructions and any follow-up visits if required.

Your plastic surgeon will also show you how to care for your incisions. The plastic surgeon might also provide a special mouth rinse to help with healing and preventing infection. The patient will also be on a liquid diet for a day or two while the incisions heal. Gradually, one can add soft food to the diet.

It is also common to experience slight swelling, bruising, or numbness at the incision site. This will resolve within a few weeks. Usually, it takes around three weeks for patients to heal completely after the procedure.

Are There Any Risks Associated With Buccal Fat Removal?

One should remember that if buccal fat removal surgery is performed by an inexperienced or unqualified individual, then one might experience the following risks.

  • Unsatisfactory results
  • Infection at the incision site
  • Injury to the facial nerves
  • Injury to the salivary duct 
  • Numbness
  • Asymmetry

If you want to get buccal fat removal without experiencing any of these risks, then you must make sure to get the surgery done by a qualified, skilled, and talented plastic surgeon only.

Get Face Fat Removal At Divine Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Amit Gupta is one of the most skilled, experienced, and qualified plastic surgeons in India. With over two decades of experience, Dr. Amit Gupta has been helping patients get the results that they need from their plastic surgery procedures for over 20 years!

Dr. Amit Gupta is the founder, director, and head plastic surgeon at Divine Cosmetic Surgery. If you wish to get buccal fat removal without any sort of risk or bad result, then you should seek a consultation with Dr. Amit Gupta and get this surgery from an expert who is famous for providing 100% successful buccal fat removal results!


Face fat removal is a surgical procedure in which buccal fat is removed from an individual’s face. This surgery is a common procedure but should only be performed by a qualified, experienced, and skilled plastic surgeon to get the best results.

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