Three Shocking Mistakes People Make in Their Hair Transplant Surgery

Three Shocking reasons why people mess up their Hair transplant surgery

Hair transplant is the commonest cosmetic surgery which is performed in males in India and all over the world.  Hair transplant surgery involve attention to detail, years of surgical training and a deep sense of aesthetics to properly define the hairline and create a good dense pattern. At Divine cosmetic surgery we expertise in hair transplant surgery and our chief plastic surgeon has performed more than 4500 hair transplant in the last 10 years.

Unfortunately a large number of patients still do not get the desired result from their hair transplant procedure, and the following few paragraphs will discuss ways of how to mess up your own hair transplant.

  1. Not checking the credibility of the hair transplant clinic and the hair transplant surgeon

A very large number of doctors in clinics and are unregistered and run by unqualified professionals,  in India only plastic surgeons are legally allowed to perform hair transplant procedures as per the Medical Council of India guidelines. However in the lure of making money many unprofessional doctors, medical technicians, non trained technicians, MBBS doctors, dentists, and other unrelated Specialists have jumped into this field.

It is the responsibility of the patient to check the medical degrees and credibility of the hair transplant surgeon in the clinic their visiting and ensure that high standards of surgical success are being followed.

  1. Get into the trap of cheap hair transplant .

As more and more professional Unix are getting into head transplant, they hire technicians to do this procedures with no supervision by any plastic surgeon, this leads to fall in success rates and poor results. These clinics are able to offer very cheap hair transplant cost and hair transplant in Delhi is totally suffering because of such people. Qualified hair transplant doctors and established hair transplant clinics in Delhi and hair transplant clinics in India will adhere to certain standards and thus the costs will be generally higher than these unqualified technical clinics

trap of cheap hair transplant
  1. Not following the advice of your hair transplant doctor.

Your hair transplant surgeon is the best judge to decide the number of hair follicles required, the hair transplant technique that is best for you and the pattern of hair transplant in the form of hair line, density etc. All the techniques that available in the armamentarium of a hair transplant surgeon have their own indications and any clinic offering only one particular technique does not ensure the best results.

Fue , Fut , Long hair transplant , Robotic hair transplant are some of the techniques offered by Divine Cosmetic Surgery

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