Why Is Hair Transplant Not Successful in Some Patients

Causes for not Successful Hair Transplant

Are you suffering from excessive hair loss? Are you getting bald? Do you want to get a hair transplant to solve these problems? But are you worried that you might not get the kind of results you want from a hair transplant? If yes, then you are in the right place as we will help you understand the reasons why hair transplants might not be successful in some patients.

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Reasons For Not Successful Hair Transplant

Hair transplants are great solutions for people who are suffering from balding or thinning of hair. A hair transplant offers a permanent and natural-looking solution to these problems. But it’s still a surgical procedure and carries a certain risk of failure. Let’s look at some of those factors of not successful hair transplant.

Graft Rejection

There are some patients who can experience graft rejection after getting a hair transplant. Rejected hair implants are one of the most common reasons behind failed hair transplant procedures with unsatisfactory results. This condition is often linked to Lichen Planopilaris (LLP), which is also known as primary scarring alopecia.

LLP leads to inflammation in the upper regions of the hair follicles. This can further cause the hair follicles in that region becoming replaced by scar tissue. This can be avoided if the patient goes through a proper consultation and check before getting a hair transplant.

Lack Of Eligibility

The general health of a patient and the condition of his or her hair has a significant impact on the type of results generated after the surgery. This is why one of the most significant requirements for hair transplants is to have a healthy and suitable donor area, which means that the patient must be younger than 65 years of age and should not suffer from blood-borne diseases or hemophilia.

In some cases, a lack of proper consultation and checkup can lead to the surgeon overlooking the health of the donor area. This can have a detrimental effect on the overall results of the hair transplant procedure. In a few patients, this can also lead to a reduction in hair viability and shedding after the surgery.

Choosing the wrong age or time for a hair transplant can also backfire. This means that if somebody is suffering from male or female pattern baldness, getting a hair transplant at the early stages means that some bald patches might crop up down the line. Further, hair follicles need to go through their phases of maturity. This age limit is usually around 22 years of age.

Unrealistic Expectations

The outcome of the hair transplant depends on several factors but even the best results in the world can’t compete with unrealistic expectations. It is important for patients to understand the limitations of their conditions and avoid setting unrealistic expectations that no plastic surgeon in the world can meet.

To avoid setting unrealistic expectations, patients must openly communicate with their plastic surgeons about the type of results they want. This will help the patient understand what they can truly get out of the procedure and avoid any miscommunications.

Poor Post-Surgery Hair Transplant Care

After getting a hair transplant, the patient must make sure that he or she is following the post-surgery instructions carefully. This is done to ensure that the scalp of the patient can heal properly and the patient can get natural results with minimum damage to the hair follicles.

Some post-surgery care tips that patients should follow after getting a hair transplant are adjusting your sleeping position to avoid friction on the transplant area to reduce the chances of fall out. Avoid putting pressure on the first few weeks to protect the hair follicles. Avoid any strenuous activities, alcohol, or extremely hot or cold showers. Sun exposure should also be limited to ensure good aftercare after getting a hair transplant surgery.

Inexperienced Plastic Surgeon Or Medical Staff

One of the biggest reasons why hair transplants might not give great results is that the surgeon might be inexperienced or doesn’t have a good supporting medical staff. This is something that no patient should ever compromise on, which is why patients must always get a hair transplant done by an experienced, qualified, and talented plastic surgeon.

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