What if you don’t want to trim your hair for a hair transplant?

Top 8 reasons that you should only do Long Hair Transplant

Benefits of long Hair Transplant

  • Go to the office on 3rd day without anyone knowing
  • No hair cut in the donor zone
  • Not a single haircut in the recipient zone
  • Nearly 99% success rate ( highest in the country)
  • 1000s of satisfied patients
  • Ideal for Doctors, Lawyers, Politicians, Bureaucrats, Senior Management of Companies, Actors, Media Personnel, Hotel Industry, Pilots
  • Only Centre in India to do Long Hair transplant
  • Results comparable (even better) than Dubai at less than 20% cost
Direct Hair Transplant

Understanding Long Hair Transplant

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    Long Hair Transplant

    Are you in a social position or a job profile where you cannot afford to shave your hair for a hair transplant, Maybe you don’t want to tell anyone you have done a transplant. Maybe you are a Lawyer and don’t want the judge to know you have done a transplant. Maybe you are a Pilot and can’t tell your airline or your staff. Maybe you are a Senior Management and don’t want to tell your colleagues or your juniors. Whatever the situation, now we have a breakthrough technique for you that allows you to do the transplant at the end of the week and go to the office on Monday.

    A long hair transplant is a technique where not a  single hair is cut either from the recipient area or the donor zone.  The long length of hair is implanted and you can actually go to the office after 3 days without even knowing that you have done a hair transplant

    • If you are looking for some treatment to boost your confidence
    • You are tired of you bald head and feel uncomfortable going out
    • You are searching for minimum scar technology
    • You want to get treatment without any side-effects
    Why is difficult to do/ why don’t clinics want to do
    • The team needs to be a big one and a very well trained and dedicated team
    • It is expensive to carry out the training of such teams in order to carry out this procedure
    • It is very difficult to take out the strip with the long hair and even more difficult to implant without cutting of any hair at all
      these procedures are very long and require a very patient environment
    Why are these procedures expensive?
    • High training cost of the team
    • Difficult procedures that require much greater retention of the doctor
    • The team cannot do more than one procedure on that day
    • Extreme caution and care need to be taken
    Benefits of Long Hair Transplant
    • Less Time Consuming

      Less Time Consuming

      A person can restore the large number of hair in a limited time with the mean of the hair surgery. This surgery doesn’t take much time for the surgeon.

    • Natural and Guaranteed Results

      Natural and Guaranteed Results

       A person is capable of getting natural and guaranteed hair results from FUT Hair Transplantation in Delhi. A person who needs undetectable hair results would opt for this surgery.

    • Back to office in 3 days

      Back to office in 3 days

      Since not a single hair is cut, and long hair is implanted, you can got to office on 3rd day of transplant. No other technique can do that. We think you deserve it

    • Higher Rate of Follicle Survival

      Higher Rate of Follicle Survival

      Although with the advent of modern technology, the follicle survival rate in FUE can be enhanced, FUT still has a higher survival rate. As the FUE allows a technician to pick grafts randomly, sometimes the technician takes the grafts from outside the donor zone, which results in thinning and losing the hair as the patient

    • A Large Number of Follicles can be Transplanted in a Single Session

      A Large Number of Follicles can be Transplanted in a Single Session

      FUT is that it promotes a high yield of hairs in the recipient area. If getting a fullness is your primary goal, you should opt for FUT treatment as it allows a surgeon to transfer up to 6500 follicles in a single session.

    What Direct Hair Transplant Can Do/ Can’t Do


    • Offers maximum fullness
    • Enhance their physical appearance
    • Provides maximum grafts
    • Back to office in 3 days
    • Not a single hair cut
    • Long hair implanted
    • No need to shave


    • Stop hair fall in non transplanted area
    • Cover full head in 1 go
    Before & After Real Results
    Long Hair Transplant Procedure

    Your surgeon will shave your head and apply local anesthesia to numb the area.

    Your surgeon will extract hair follicles from the back of your head using a tool with a fine tip. The hair follicles will be loaded into a pen-shaped tool and implanted into the balding part of your scalp.

    Your surgeon will apply an antibiotic cream and apply a bandage to all sites and give you instructions for post-operative care.

    Your surgeon will apply an antibiotic cream and apply a bandage to all sites and give you instructions for post-operative care.

    Long hair transplant in delhi

    Success Story

    The risk involved in Long Hair Transplant?

    The risk in a long hair transplant comes when you don’t have your surgery done from a reputed place, which can lead to many severe problems. The common risks in long hair transplantation are Bruising, Swelling, Pain, Numbness, Bleeding, etc. If the patient does not follow the post-operative guidelines then there might be a chance as well that the patient has to face severe issues. Inadequate expertise is messing up the way of hair transplant.

    The risk involved in Long Hair Transplant
    Cost of Long Hair Transplant
    Cost of Long Hair Transplant

    The cost of long hair transplant in India depends on the number of hair follicles required to transplant and the availability of the donor area. Long hair transplant cost in Delhi is a bit costly as compared to FUT, FUT Hair transplantation. Long hair transplant in Delhi depends upon various factors like the patient and the quality of surgery provided by the doctor. The experience of a doctor also matters the most. That is why you should have your surgery done by a well-experienced doctor. For the long hair transplant clinic in Delhi, Dr. Amit Gupta is a well-experienced and known long hair transplant doctor in Delhi and he does the best Long hair transplant in Delhi. You can visit our Delhi as well as the Gurgaon center.

    Differences between Long hair transplant / FUT / FUE
    ProcessLong Hair TransplantFollicular Unit TransplantationFollicular Unit Extraction
    Hair TrimmingNone at allOnly the recipient areaShaving over the entire head
    TechniqueTrichophytic FUT with zero trimmingTrichophytic FUTUsing drills with 0.7 mm punch
    ResultMore than 95%More than 95%More than 95%
    Visit office without a cap3rd day2-3 weeks2 weeks

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