side effects of hair transplant surgery

Hair Transplantation and Side Effects

What is Hair balding or thinning of hair, then a hair transplant is a cosmetic procedure that can help you get your hair back. During this cosmetic …  procedure, hair is taken from thicker parts of the scalp or other parts of the body. These hair follicles are then grafted into the area of the scalp where there is a bald patch or hair is thinning.

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According to statistics, almost 60% of men and 50% of women suffer from some form of hair loss. To address this problem, people often use over-the-counter products and supplements. This is not the right way to go about it when it comes to getting those hairs back.

The right way in which an individual can get his or her hair back is by getting a hair transplant. A hair transplant is a hair restoration method. According to official sources, the first hair transplant was performed in Japan in 1939 with single scalp hairs. Since then, this method has been known as the ‘plug’ method.

Further, medical experts from across the globe have developed better and more technologically advanced hair transplant methods. Now, this cosmetic surgical procedure is smoother than ever and can be done by using mini and micro-grafts. This helps in minimizing the appearance of transplanted hair on the scalp.

How Does Hair Transplant Work?

If we look at the data, then studies have clearly shown that hair transplants are more successful and effective than over-the-counter hair restoration products. This is why if you are serious about getting your hair back, then you should consider getting a hair transplant.

Facts about hair transplants

There are also some facts about hair transplants that one should know about if he or she wants to get a hair transplant. Some of these facts are mentioned below.

  • Anywhere from 10% to 80% of the transplanted hair will fully grow back in three to four months of the hair transplant
  • Transplanted hair can also thin over time like regular hair
  • People who have dormant hair follicles, which means sacs that usually contain hair beneath the skin but have no hair growth, can have less effective hair transplants. For these cases, the best option is to opt for plasma therapy as it can help up to 75% or more transplanted hairs to fully grow back
  • Hair transplants don’t work for everyone. This cosmetic procedure is used to restore hair if an individual is suffering from balding, has lost hair due to injury, or is experiencing thinning of hair

Further, most hair transplants are done with the existing hair of a patient. This means that this treatment method is not as effective when it comes to treating people with:

  • Widespread baldness
  • Widespread thinning
  • Hair loss due to medications
  • Hair loss due to chemotherapy
  • Thick scalp scars due to injuries

It should also be noted that during a hair transplant, hair follicles are usually taken from the back of the head. But these hair follicles can also be taken from other parts of the body. Before starting the procedure, the surgeon will also sterilize the area from where the hair follicles have been removed.

After that, the area is numbed with a local anesthetic. Patients can also request sedation in order to stay asleep throughout the process. There are also two main methods that are used for performing hair transplants. These methods are:

1. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

FUT is also often known as Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS). To perform this technique, the following steps are followed.

  • The surgeon removes a piece of the scalp of the patient. The size of the strip is usually about 6 to 10 inches long and it can stretch from ear to ear
  • The area is closed with stitches
  • The surgeon proceeds to separate the scalp strip into smaller pieces with a scalper. The strip can be split into as many as 2,000 smaller fragments, which are also known as grafts. These grafts might contain one hair each
  • A needle or blade is used to make small holes in the scalp
  • The hairs are inserted into the puncture holes one at a time. This is known as grafting
  • The surgical site is covered with bandages or gauze

The specific number of grafts that an individual will receive will depend on:

  • The type of hair
  • Size of transplant size
  • Quality, including thickness, of hair
  • Hair Color

2. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

The steps that are followed to perform an FUE hair transplant are:

  • The medical expert starts off by shaving off hair from the back of the head of the patient
  • The surgeon then takes individual hair follicles out of the skin of the scalp. Tiny marks can also be seen from where each follicle has been removed
  • Small holes are made in the scalp and hair follicles are grafted into the holes
  • The surgical site is covered with bandages or gauze

Hair Transplant Side Effects

hair transplant side effects

Hair transplants are now safer to perform than ever before. This is due to the advancement in science and technology. However, one should remember that a hair transplant is still a cosmetic surgical procedure and there are some side effects or risks associated. These side effects of hair transplant and risks are:

  • Bleeding
  • Crust
  • Tingling
  • Bruises around the eyes
  • Itchy
  • Scarring
  • Swelling on the scalp
  • Shock loss, which refers to all the transplanted hair falling off and growing back

Best Hair Transplantation Results

To get the best hair transplantation results, there are some precautions that the patient needs to follow. These precautions are:

precautions after hair transplant surgery

  • Do not wash your hair for a few days after your surgery
  • Only use mild shampoos to wash your hair for the first few weeks after the surgery
  • You can return to work and your normal activities in around 3 weeks
  • Avoid wearing hats, pullover shirts, and jackets until your doctor gives an okay
  • Do not exercise for about a week

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