What Are The Benefits of Hymenoplasty

Understanding Hymen Repair Surgery

Hymen repair surgery, also known as Hymenoplasty, is a surgical procedure that is performed to restore the hymen of a woman. Many individuals think that this procedure is very complicated and long, but that is often not the case.

The biggest Hymenoplasty surgery benefits are that the surgery is outpatient, has quick cosmetic repair, and helps construct a woman’s hymen. The hymen is a thin, flesh-colored membrane that is made of tissue that covers the opening of the vagina.

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The exact functions served by the hymen are not known, but experts claim that it protects the vagina from dirt and bacterial infection. Women can easily experience the benefits of Hymenoplasty after the torn skin of the hymen is stitched back together by a plastic surgeon.

What Are The Benefits of Hymenoplasty ?

It is common for a woman to lose her hymen over the years by indulging in various sports or sexual activities. In some cases, a woman might even rupture her hymen without knowing about it. But if this becomes a cultural or religious issue, then women can opt to get a Hymenoplasty done.

Beyond cultural and religious reasons, a woman can also opt to get a Hymenoplasty done due to health concerns or to improve their sex life. But irrespective of the reasons why a woman wants to opt for a Hymenoplasty, one should always get this surgery done by a qualified plastic surgeon who can help the woman achieve the desired final results.

Learning About Hymenoplasty Surgical Procedure

As mentioned earlier, a Hymenoplasty surgery should only be performed by a plastic surgeon with a good amount of experience and skills. During the surgery, the plastic surgeon usually stitches back the hymen together from the torn pieces that might still be available. There are also other techniques that can be used for performing a hymenoplasty surgery.

But irrespective of the type of technique used, one should always remember that getting a hymenoplasty done is an incredibly private and important decision. This is because of the fact that the patient will require aftercare once the surgery is done.

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A hymenoplasty surgery can be performed within 2 hours. This time period can vary depending on the exact technique used for the surgery. Once the surgery is done, the patient is given a few hours to get back to normal and during this time the doctor gets to keep an eye on the patient’s vitals. After a few hours, the patient is discharged on the same day.

Recovery From Hymenoplasty

The average recovery time from a hymen repair surgery is usually six weeks. During this time, it is recommended that the patient should follow the suggestions and care tips provided by the plastic surgeon. Some of these common precautions are:

  • Avoid sexual activity for up to eight weeks
  • Engage in only light to moderate physical activities for at least 10 days after surgery
  • Keep the genital area clean and take the prescribed medicines on time to prevent infection
  • Use a warm compress or ice packs to ease pain and swelling, if any

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After going through all that information, you know what Hymenoplasty is, its benefits, and what happens after getting this surgery. The next step is to make sure that this is the right procedure for you and will help you get your desired result.

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